quench yo thirst y’all

This drink is super simple yet, could not be more refreshing and delicious.  Tried the drink with a few cousins of mine and it  was a total hit.
Cucumber Limeade
what you will need:
1 bag of ice (get the small cubes if you can)
1 cucumber
1 12 oz. can limeade
1 2 liter bottle of Diet Sprite or 7up (HAS TO BE DIET)
Regular Sprite is too sugary and overpowers the cucumber flavor. The cucumber flavor is very subtle and refreshing so vegetable haters shouldn’t be too wary.
Begin by slicing the cucumber into small thin circles.  If you like you may peel the cucumber however, I didn’t find it necessary.  I found it easier to stir the limeade and the Die Sprite in a separate pitcher.  Pour bag of ice into a punch bowl. Layer the sliced cucumbers on top.  Then pour the contents of the pitcher into the punch bowl and let the flavors marinate for a few minutes.  Stir and Serve.

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