the SMOKY mountains

today was my family’s first full day in Sun Valley. Unfortunately, due to the bear creek fire in Idaho my sister was unable to fly directly here.  Smoke was everywhere from the fire prevention efforts and it seemed like it was gonna be an indoor day.  My sweet mom drove two hours to go get her.  While my tired kin took what seemed to be the longest naps of their lives, my brother, Zeke, and I were too interested in the beautiful scenery to sleep and were not content to just stay inside and twiddle our thumbs.  I had my camera with me and it was settled.  We were going to explore.
Drove for about an hour until we decided to head northwest and into the smoke filled mountains of Idaho.  Pulled over to find a quiet stream and a sight I would never forget.  The mountains covered with smoke created a beautiful backdrop that seemed almost eerie.  It felt like a layer of thick dust over an old landscape painting.  Yet, it left me speechless.
ignore the herd and go explore.

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