Today marks the two month countdown for Christopher & I’s wedding day! Which means we only have two months until we’re the GEORGES!
pure excitement, giddiness, bliss, and love.
We celebrated this wonderful occasion by taking some long exposure pictures.
For long exposure pictures you will need:
-A camera that you can adjust the shutter speed on
-glow sticks or sparklers
*Hint* if you don’t have any glow sticks
on hand use the flashlight app on your phone.  That’s what we used for these pictures.
1. To take the pictures set your shutter speed to at least ten seconds, we used 25-30 seconds for most of these pictures.
2. Make sure your flash is on if you are taking the photos in the dark.  Cover the glow stick while the flash picture is taken.  After the picture is taken proceed to draw anything you wish!  Be sure to keep the glow stick facing the camera.
3.  If you want to spell a word or create spaces in a drawing the  glow stick must be covered.  Keep in mind that spelling backwards can be hard.  Practice writing what you want before you take the picture.
4. If two or more people are in the shot and you want to draw something around them be sure that they stay exactly where they were when the flash picture was taken so that you can create the look and spacing you desire.
Hope that was helpful!
xoxo Jane

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