Cheers! It’s Springtime!

Utah weather is absolutely psychotic.  I can leave my house in snowy freezing slush only to be at the park a few hours later lying in the grass listening to the birds chirping.  After a few days of rain and snow spring was definitely in the air today!  Happy Spring peeps, go get some sunshine, feel the grass between your toes, and smile because Spring is here to stay.  (Hopefully, I can’t predict the weather… probably will be cold sometimes… that’s Utah.)

This day called for a sunset walk in the avenues of Salt Lake City.

As usual the Utah Sunset was on point.

Doesn’t my husband make such a cute dog????
IMG_3106.jpg copy.jpg

Shout Out to the iPhone for our blurry pics & Christopher the Alien.

400 North

Hand Holding and Dowtown StrollingIMG_3108.jpg


Spring and bright colors go hand in hand. Though Chris doesn’t especially love my combo of Orange and Pink

Flowers are HERE!  Had to refrain from picking the neighbors fresh blooms


Always doodling… pen, crayons, dandelions, etc.


C + J = ❤

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