Downtown Gems


Good things about living downtown #7

The Oasis Cafe & Golden Braid Books

This place is a total tucked away sanctuary!  A beautiful restaurant that also has a quiet patio.  Oasis Cafe has a great brunch menu, however we made it there for dinner. It’s located at 151 South 500 East.  So convenient to make a reservation using Yelp on your phone.  This place is really popular for lunch so make sure to book ahead!   Relaxation and  meditation isn’t far away with the joint bookstore.  Many of their themed books specialize in mind, body, and soul health.  So fun to look through their selection of books.  #consciousliving


The french bread… the right amount of crunch and fluffiness.  You could tell it was very fresh.


I got the Mediterranean Salad. You can choose from Salmon, Shrimp, Chicken. A great thing about Oasis is it offers healthy vegan options with many of its plates.  You can also get tofu.  It was to die for.  One of their core entrees.  yukon gold potatoes•roasted red onion•olives• tomatoes•feta cheese•hummus•field greens•roasted garlic vinaigrette


Chris and Richard both got the Udon Peanut Stir fry.  It’s flavorful and fresh but if you don’t like peanut flavor I do not recommend this dish.   Filled with: tofu or tempeh•wok seared vegetables•udon noodles spicy peanut sauce•coconut, peanut, and cashew crumble


Sally tried the Grilled Salmon.  The grilled tomatoes were flavorful and perfectly cooked.  Another one of Oasis’ customer faves.  honey/lavender polenta cake•arugula•saba•merlot vinegar extra• virgin olive oil•grilled tomatoIMG_3264

With a dinner that good we had to indulge!  My first time eating Crème Brulèe and it was such a sensation.  Tart raspberries and creamy custard where have you been all this time!!!


IMG_1123 (1)

IMG_3269 large_golden-braid-books

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