Spring and Summer Favorites



I am not a fashion blogger nor claim to be but these things are gonna be in my beach tote all season long.

1. Jelly Shoes – I already have three pairs of them.  JuJu Footwear and Soda Shoes has some cheap cute pairs!

2.  Floppy Sunhat – This red one I found at my grandma’s!

3. Cat Eye Sunglasses – Picked these stunnas up at Hot Topic.  Check at Proof Eyewear too!

4. Hand Made Earrings – Local farmer’s markets and boutiques like Katie Waltman Jewelry should do the trick!

5. Candy – SweeTarts, War Heads, and Blow Pops.  YUM.

6. SCRUNCHIES – talk about throwing it back to the 90s.  These things save my life on occasion. asos.com

7. Bright Lip Crayons – Easy to apply and a eye catcher… BOOYA.

8. Clever Graphic Shirt – Cats, block letter words, etc. Amazon.com

9. Tumbler – Drinking lots of water is much easier when it is with a straw in a cute cup. Walgreens.

10. One Piece – One pieces make being active this summer easier.  Geometric patterns = extra plus!


(Have A Great Spring/Summer

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