So my wife wanted me to clarify that this is me (Chris) writing this post. Sorry you won’t be hearing about love, religion, or life of Janie too much today.

I wanted to tell you a bit about Crowd-funding, why it’s so popular, and how I started my own business to help projects.

I just recently helped work on a crowd-funding project. Check it out here: Anne B Designs | MADE

Crowd-funding is just as it sounds. It’s funding by a crowd or every day individuals who are contacted typically via social media. Funding to start a business or project of some sort typically was done in the past by approaching a rich dude and asking him for a large sum of cash. Thanks to platforms like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, GoFundMe and many others, anyone with a pretty cool idea can get their project funded. The benefit of crowd-funding is that it’s low risk; entrepreneurs rely on their social network to help spread the word. Usually as a reward “the funder” gets the product or service before it goes into market. If the project doesn’t get fully funded, everyone gets their money back. Hopefully little money was spent (zero to a couple hundred bucks) to find out that the idea wasn’t that great. Here’s a link for more on crowd-funding.

Something that each crowd-funding project should have is a videoIt enables individuals to see in 1-3 minutes what the project is about and why they should help fund it. While some choose not to have a video or spend little time making one, a good video can be all the difference. Kickstarter themselves have stated that projects without a campaign video have only a 30% chance of being funded. However projects with a video have a 66% higher chance of success. While Kickstarter urges everyone to have a video, I want to encourage entrepreneurs to take it one step further to increase their success by having a well thought out, high quality video. Unfortunately that can be time consuming and really expensive. Your typical production company will charge you over $1500 for simple 2 minute video. For that reason I started my own business called I help make high quality videos for crowd-funding projects. Since entrepreneurs are looking for a good deal (cheap), I have a unique business model that everyone can afford.

For a 2-3 minute video (scripted, shot in HD and edited) crowd-funders will only spend around $300-700 upfront (Which could include graphic animation if the project requires). After the project launches our team will even help traffic people towards it. When the project gets funded, a percentage of the winnings (anywhere from 4-9%) goes to Kickstarter Video. Entrepreneurs can rest easy knowing that Kickstarter Video will take on the same risk as them, because if the project doesn’t get funded then both parties walk away empty handed.

So like I mentioned before, I just helped launch a project for one of our first clients Anne B Designs. Here’s the video we made for her. Check it out and go help fund her project or share it for us:


We have more videos coming as we’re working with 2 new clients already. Stay tuned and check out for more information. If you have a project with which you need help; we’d love to make your video.

It has been super fun doing all this as a side project while working full-time as an Art Director at Struck downtown. Janie is amazing. She puts up with me spending my days and nights working all the time on these projects. She’s an amazing wife and she even helped me edit this post. Let’s just say there is a reason why i’m the guy who designs and makes things look good instead of writing about them. Which leads me to my last item; I work with an amazing writer, Taylor Crane, who does all the scripts for the videos as well as helps write out the project descriptions, emails to bloggers, and much more. Thanks.

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