Downtown Gems



Good things about living downtown #7

Eva’s Bakery

We finally went into Eva’s! (not to be confused with Eva’s Bakery)

It’s a scrumptious Small Plates & Drinks Restaurant. Located at 317 s. main street in Downtown Salt Lake. It’s such a fun place to eat because the portions are perfect and you can share everything family stye.  The whole point is to get a lot of different things and let everyone have a few bites of each.  Overall it was a good time.  The service was great and the food delectable.  The only thing I wasn’t crazy, head over heels in love with was the mac n cheese.  The Oink Oink Oink and Tri Tip were my favorites.  Go try it!

Click Here for other Yelp Reviews of Eva’s




They have a gorgeous patio area in the back.  It is between to buildings in an alley way.  It gave this cool urban feel to our meal. Hey that rhymed…


We forgot to take a picture of our first plates before we ate them!!! WE WERE STARVING.

-Slow Roasted Tri-Tip bruschetta-

-French Fries w/ Parmesean and Rosemary-


Second Plates:

-Baked Greek Mac & Cheese-

-Oink Oink Oink– Pork Belly, Pork Loin, and BACON-



had a great time! Thank You Eva’s!!!

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