A to Z

One of the best things about being married to Chris is the fact that he is a CREATIVE GENIUS. Before meeting Chris I thought I knew how to go about creative processes.  That couldn’t be further from the truth.  Chris has shown me how to collect and organize my thoughts and look at the world in a whole new way.  When growing up I imagined my husband as this total jock who would leave me be.  Never did I ever think I would marry a man who can not only play sports like a champ but can work photoshop and a camera like a complete pro.  I love being married to a videographer/art director/designer/conceptor.  It’s led us to so many fun collective creative efforts like our wedding, kickstarter videos, and even our home.

Our Latest Collaboration: A to Z

My brother recently married a darling girl from Boston Massachusetts.  They differ in so many ways that it’s kind of crazy how they go together so well.  My mom had the wonderful idea for the wedding dinner to base it off the theme of their initials and how wide of a spectrum they have.

Asia (A) & Zeke (Z).

Chris and I had a blast coming up with props, voice over lines, and locations.  In a way I act as Chris’ producer/prop manager/co-creative director.  This has brought us together in such a fun way.  Hope you enjoy the video we created! Look up more of his videos at Chris George Films

We also helped my cousin with this video for her wedding! ENJOY!

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