Fight The New Drug


With Valentine’s Day tomorrow I thought I’d share how love changed my life and others around me. In my own life, YES ME… a female, I have felt the unhappiness that comes with pornography.

To anyone who is fighting a battle with pornography remember you’re not the only one, even though it may seem that way. Let others help you. As a child of God you deserve love. The atonement is there for YOU and your personal experiences, no matter how bad or difficult they may seem. Heavenly Father’s love for us is infinite.

To anyone who has a loved one fighting with pornography love them, love them, love them and do your best to be understanding and supportive. Let them draw nearer to you. Don’t push them away.

In some ways I feel uncomfortable sharing this with the world because of the society we live in and the shame that comes with sexual sins. However, we have come to this earth to experience and to share what we have learned.

I have learned that Love is a powerful thing. We must use it to heal others. But more importantly to heal yourself. Let’s create a society that accepts and loves, not one that judges and hurts. I’m making Valentine’s Day and everyday about loving others not just loving others when they’re “perfect.”

@fightthenewdrug is an amazing organization that is helping educate our society on the harmful effects of porn. The most helpful thing for me was talking about this issue. So get talking people! Have the conversation with your kids, spouse, and parents. | ‪#‎pornkillslove‬ ‪#‎letstalk‬ ‪#‎celebratelove‬

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