India… wow. India is the most beautiful, strange, difficult, and powerful place.  India is the reason I haven’t blogged for two months.  I saw on Instagram a post about an opportunity to go to India and photograph a developmental project. I didn’t think it was something I could do or if it was something I even wanted to do.  Later that day my husband texted me saying “Do you want to go to India?”… Now how cool is that??? In some ways I felt that when I got married I wouldn’t be able to do anything adventurous by myself. Boy was I wrong.  I’m pretty lucky to have a supportive husband who pushes me to do crazy things.

FIRST DAY IN INDIA! First off the Indian clothes are freaking adorable. It is crazy how much traveling makes you exhausted.  On the way from Delhi to Hyderabad I made a friend named Sri.  Sri is a doctor and was super helpful in a new place.  It was also fun because I was able to share some small parts of the gospel with him.  Side note… India in June is BLAZING hot.  Seriously it is 115 degrees everyday and super humid.  I definitely was embarrassed at first at how much I wanted my American comforts.  It took a few days for our apartment to be equipped with WiFi.  In Hyderabad running water worked only from 6am to 9am.  So we had to fill buckets up and shower with that.  I said lots of prayers those few weeks.  Prayers for safety, and of love, and gratitude.


These drawings are in front of every door and temple and business in India.  Kolams. Such a fun Welcome.

View from our apartment.11269802_10153282839966250_7749209553152077958_o

Church in India was amazing!  I got to go to the ward where my brother James first served his mission.  Sailesh on the right was his first baptism!  Sailesh is now married to Jaya and have a new baby!  Everyone was so excited to meet Elder Egan’s sister.  I was pretty honored. 11295707_10153278967866250_6423411486857120929_n11295618_10153279460146250_8605047795431196230_n11247804_10153279460366250_2783930236289891726_n10501790_10153279460221250_8646334245302256665_n

We helped teach piano on Sundays which was super difficult but really fun!11264884_10153282370021250_5783755613541586809_n

Trying on Saris at the Mekala’s!11102610_10153282369991250_8278318105677494589_n11329783_10153298372541250_7842748584475255947_n

The Mekala’s we seriously a GOD SEND! They let us eat their food watch their TV gave us rides and tours. Love them.11350406_10153304696811250_4726365225460097756_n 11143209_10153304696871250_8671121649309277782_n

Dinner at Sailesh’s house.  Indians love movies so the whole time during dinner we watched James Bond.  I love India.11894497_10153580833861250_1582649320064772527_o 12002872_10153580834161250_1898591182623490399_n 11221339_10153580834176250_904345954447032040_n

These cute little sisters would wave to us every morning as we caught an auto to go to work.India-5 India-6

Our cute english students.  *heart melts*India-21 India-45 India-54 Day3-3 Day3-4

The necklace I’m wearing is a symbol in South Eastern India for marriage.  The black beads in particular.  No one looks for a wedding ring just that necklace.  Everyone thought I was married to and Indian man but they were pleasantly surprised by the photos I would show them of Chris and I.
Day3-7-2 Day3-8 Day3-10 Day3-11

Charminar! So much shopping.India-39-2 India-30-2 India-17-2

The girls school.  Talk about a wild place.  These girls were so much fun and had SO much energy.Day4-13 Day4-22 Day4-28 Day4-34 Day4-48 Day4-51 Day4-53 Day4-56 Day4-75

Henna!!!11351163_10153318381296250_1868295630089705698_n CGB5XfNUMAAVLR1

Das family! Such a strong family in the church.  Amazed by their testimonies and love.1526340_10153302167606250_2576459817641181039_n 10994605_10153302167461250_1813329105916277088_n 551465_10153302167691250_8593188557556592216_n

The sewing school. (I do not sew… but it was really cool to watch these ladies learn on hand crank machines)Day5-39 Day5-44 Day5-57 Day5-71 Day5-72 Day5-80 Day7-5

They held a ceremony and even blessed the machines.Day7-8 Day7-14 Day7-24 Day7-25 Day7-35

One night we were so hot and so we decided to go to a Indian movie!! The workers at the theatre were so confused because their movies don’t have English subtitles so we wouldn’t be able to understand what was going on.  But who doesn’t love crazy sound effects, dancing, singing, and an air conditioned theatre in 100 degree weather.  It was a BLAST.17096_10153277739821250_2038848787043067281_n

Spurti is the all boys school and they all have my heart.
Day7-48 Day7-65 Day7-69 Day7-80

On the way home from Spurti Christy, Courtney, and I took an auto home by ourselves.  On that auto ride home we got hit by another auto.  Never have I laughed so hard at two grown men yelling very quickly in Telugu to each other.10955639_10153304703736250_737341777349050323_n

Last day at the children’s school was so sad and happy.  I gave them all a photo of me when I left.  I hope they can remember me like I will remember them. Day8-3 Day8-6 Day8-14 Day8-17 Day8-30 Day8-35 Day8-40 Day9-6 Day9-1012011210_10153580833851250_6431187405207643015_n

Another family but this time I’m in Bangalore!  The Isaacs are a family my brother taught and baptized in India.  They are so cool!  Nicole one of the daughters goes to BYU Idaho and so we have her over on holidays to hang out!  It was so fun to meet the rest of the Isaac family.  Carol took my for a crazy scooter ride… I love how much Carol was concerned about me, she made sure I had fun and was safe the whole time.11261595_10153580834316250_7975641157837435883_n 11987002_10153580834321250_1726627219898953528_n 11988600_10153580834311250_5900963716988477700_n

Reji even washed my clothes.. 12004752_10153580834166250_6503225940669451032_n

Best day when Chris came to India!!! I seriously was over the moon.  Mysore Palace is pretty dope.Chrisjanieindia-3 Chrisjanieindia-10 Chrisjanieindia-12

Next, we went to Chennai India to meet Minni! Chris and I did not have a cell phone so trying to find Minni in a huge crowd at the airport was crazy.  All of a sudden after fifteen minutes of looking Minni runs up and gives me a hug! So grateful we found her!11351300_10153336357531250_7747388428999876594_n
Minni took us straight to Mahabalipuram where we saw 2,000+ year old stone carvings.  This is called the butter ball.Chrisjanieindia-13 Chrisjanieindia-15 Chrisjanieindia-16 Chrisjanieindia-19 Chrisjanieindia-20 Chrisjanieindia-21 Chrisjanieindia-24 Chrisjanieindia-27 Chrisjanieindia-30 Chrisjanieindia-32 Chrisjanieindia-36 Chrisjanieindia-38

Chris wanted the monkey to give him all knowing wisdom.
Chrisjanieindia-57 Chrisjanieindia-58 Chrisjanieindia-62 Chrisjanieindia-66 Chrisjanieindia-68

We got to attend a birthday party. Not sure how we all fit but we made it.  It was amazing.11406978_10153336357671250_1836880551472427188_n11390122_10153336357781250_8550570530271677535_n

Delhi.  There is no place quite like it.  The Kataka family was nice enough to house us for the days we were there.  Jantar Mantar is this ginormous astrology device.  It always knows what time it is by the sun.  We had a self appointed tour guide there that just started talking to us then asked for 500 rupees. It was unfortunate that he was super difficult to understand.
Chrisjanieindia-71 Chrisjanieindia-73 Chrisjanieindia-74 Chrisjanieindia-76 Chrisjanieindia-82 Chrisjanieindia-84 Chrisjanieindia-86 Chrisjanieindia-88 Chrisjanieindia-89 Chrisjanieindia-92 Chrisjanieindia-93 Chrisjanieindia-95 Chrisjanieindia-97

Lodi Gardens is beautiful.  Had fun taking a nap and lounging around in there.Chrisjanieindia-105 Chrisjanieindia-106 Chrisjanieindia-109 Chrisjanieindia-110 Chrisjanieindia-115 Chrisjanieindia-121

Humayun’s Tomb.  One of the coolest buildings in India. Chrisjanieindia-127 Chrisjanieindia-128 Chrisjanieindia-131 Chrisjanieindia-134 Chrisjanieindia-142 Chrisjanieindia-144 Chrisjanieindia-14810430489_10153580834736250_5167169859046241269_nGate of India11917488_10153580834751250_1737984408198364629_n11059392_10153580834746250_1592363461027687013_n12003420_10153580834741250_6451320186437678490_n

Ravi Gupta is THE MAN! One of my brother’s best friends in India.  They made the best dinner for us.

The road to Taj Mahal is long but oh so worth it.  The details are the best part about.  Everyone needs to go.Chrisjanieindia-151 Chrisjanieindia-155 Chrisjanieindia-157 Chrisjanieindia-161 Chrisjanieindia-162 Chrisjanieindia-16611958103_10153580834541250_1790226861335825474_o

Covering I head for temples.12006694_10153580834531250_2304046955745625140_oChrisjanieindia-168

Old Delhi is THE COOLEST.  Spice market as well… you roll up and literally your nose is on fire by all the different spices.Chrisjanieindia-169 Chrisjanieindia-170 Chrisjanieindia-171We rode on an a bike rickshaw… The way they fit through the tiny alley ways is nuts.11951519_10153580834731250_8137583375208422698_o

Red fort… we took so many photos here with other Indians.  Not mad.Chrisjanieindia-173 Chrisjanieindia-176 Chrisjanieindia-177 Chrisjanieindia-178 Chrisjanieindia-180 Chrisjanieindia-181 Chrisjanieindia-182 Chrisjanieindia-184

Seeing Friday prayer day at the biggest mosque in India was SO COOL. Jama Masjid.
Chrisjanieindia-194 Chrisjanieindia-196 Chrisjanieindia-199 Chrisjanieindia-205

Learning how to play cricket.
Chrisjanieindia-210 Chrisjanieindia-211

McDonalds and Limca saved my life when India food wasn’t cutting it.

Best traditional Mughal food.  Karim’s is a long line of chefs who cooked for the royal family.  Delicious food.


I hope to see you soon India and hope to see my Indian friends here in Utah sometime!!!

2 thoughts on “I N D I A

  1. I CANNOT EVEN HANDLE how much I love all of these photos. My favorites are the one of you at church and the one of you and the Monkey makes lovey eyes at each other. and OF COURSE all the ones with Chris. I’m so happy you’ve finally posted about this because I’ve wanted to see all the pictures! I’m so happy you got to go and experience that. And those beautiful portraits of the people there are just amaaaaazing!

  2. I’m not sure if my commented posted so here it is again. I LOVE all of these photos. My favorites are the one of you at church and the one of you and the Monkey makes lovey eyes at each other. And the ones with Chris of course! I’m so happy you’ve finally posted about this because I’ve wanted to see all the pictures! I’m so happy you got to go and experience that. And those beautiful portraits of the people there are just incredible!

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