10 Ways To Make Your 4th of July Party Awesome

The Fourth of July! One of the coolest holidays.  Namely, because the U.S. is an amazing place to live!
I know most of you will be celebrating with a fun Barbeque so here are some ways to liven up! ENJOY!
I am the biggest advocate of background music at parties.  It sets the tone! It can make a party less awkward.  It is the ultimate Ice Breaker. Luckily, I made a fun American themed playlist ( MERICA )! Follow me on Spotify @ SaraJane George to get the playlist!
2. Patriotic Prizes & Giveaways
I got patriotic socks, windmills, decals, etc.  It’s also handy to have red, white, and blue stuff that others can wear in case they forgot to come in MERICA attire.
fourth63. Non Firework Fun
It can be difficult to make the Independence Day thrilling without fireworks.  However, some kids are way too young to participate.  Martha Stewart had a great idea.  Fill balloons with confetti and pop them!  A colorful explosion without letting your kids near fire. Another idea… Have a bike parade! Let the wee ones decorate their scooters, bikes, and trikes!  Let them strut their stuff on the sidewalk!a0d7e2544a357c36b9c93c7a238176324. Food Decor
I am no cook.  But what I can handle when it comes to BBQ-ing is the presentation.  A hamburger or hot dog looks even more beautiful when its accompanied by a fun lined basket, paired with festive napkins.
fourth75. Long Exposure Shots
These pictures can be so fun for young and old alike.  It brings out creativity and imagination!  July Fourth also happens to be the perfect time to do them because of SPARKLERS!!! Here is a link to a tutorial post I did on Long Exposure Shots.
fourth5Here are my nieces and nephews taking a crack at it!Roadtrip22.png
6. Outfit Competition
Encourage your guests to wear patriotic and festive attire! The more outrageous the better! Best outfit gets a prize.
– water balloon dodgeball- played exactly like dodgeball except you get soaking wet!
-Baseball or Football- what’s more American than those sports?
-croquet- it really brings the classiness factor up at a barbeque.
-Potato Bag race or Three legged race- I love these games because it gets every age involved.
8. Trivia
Have U.S. history and trivia questions ready while dinner is being prepared.  It’s fun to see how much we really know about our AMAZING nation. Here’s a few links to some trivia questions: American Trivia, More American Trivia, Even More American Trivia
9. Flag Hunt
Take some mini flags and hide them through out the yard.  Similarly to an Easter egg hunt, little ones go searching!  The one who finds the most flags wins a prize.  Another way to have a flag hunt is to make it a counting competition.  Hide flags everywhere, little ones and big ones, on napkins and plates. etc.  The only rule: Flags that people are wearing on their own body do not count.  Know before hand how many flags there are in the yard.  The person with the correct answer wins a prize!
10. Sweet Treats
Pinterest had this awesome idea of taking a classic American treat, Root beer floats, and making them even more patriotic.  I changed the idea slightly but you could do any variation really.
-Cold mug
-Vanilla Ice Cream
-Jones Soda- Strawberry Lime and Berry Lemonade (Red & Blue)
-Fresh Rasperries
AWESOME.  It is honestly so refreshing and tasty!
fourth10Have an awesome Fourth of July! U-S-A U-S-A U-S-A!

|Spring Playlist| ft. ERIKA

Big thank you to Erika for helping me with a school project! The pictures were darling and couldn’t help but post them.  There aren’t many more beautiful things than springtime.  So, in addition to these photos here is some music that will feel your heart with happiness and spring fever.

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ERIKA12 copy1. Small Town Moon – Regina Spektor

ERIKA2. Metaphors – San Cisco ERIKA23. I Am Young – Coconut RecordsERIKA54. Sky High – Ben Folds FiveERIKA75. Come and Get It – Jayme Dee (Selena Gomez Cover)ERIKA16. I’m A Cuckoo – Belle and SebastianERIKA3.jpg7. This Could All Be Yours Someday – Guster

ERIKA68. Happily – One Direction


9. Blow Away – A Fine FrenzyERIKA4

10. Kick Push – Lupe Fiasco  ERIKA10

11. If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out – Cat Stevens ERIKA8

12. Drove Me Wild – Tegan & Sara ERIKA11

summer playlist

summer is a memorable time.
what better way to make memories more memorable?
Here are the jams that are playing on my iPod this summer.
1. Closer
Artist: Tegan and Sara
has kind of an 80s pop feel.
definitely one that you can sing with a hair brush in front of the mirror.
2. I Want Crazy
Artist: Hunter Hayes
the ultimate love song.
can’t help but think of my cute boyfriend chris
in Chicago.  always brings a smile to my face.
3. Reckless
EP: Awkward
Artist: San Cisco
young band who reminds me of high school.
4. It’s Not You It’s Me
Album: Nighttiming
Artist: Coconut Records
has an infectious beat and it’ll be stuck
in your head for days.
hey na na na na na na
5. Treasure
Album: Unorthodox Jukebox
Artist: Bruno Mars
get your disco on with  a song
that will make you feel sexy
6. I Need Your Love
Artist: Calvin Harris Ft. Ellie Goulding
Album: 18 Months
love the desperation.
7. Kiss You
Artist: One Direction
Album: Take Me Home
wouldn’t be a girl summer without a boy band.
8. Can’t Hold Us
Artist: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
Album: The Heist
rapping to a white guy feels less intimidating.
9. Love Somebody
Artist: Maroon 5
Album: Overexposed
jam out to the sexy Adam Levine.
need i say more?
10. Get Lucky
Artist: Daft Punk Ft. Pharrell Williams
Album: Get Lucky
The song of the summer.


Just like Troy and Gabriella in High School Musical my family rang in the New Year with some old fashioned Karaoke.
The night was spent singing classic songs like:
WannaBe – Spice Girls
Hey Ya – Outkast
I Don’t Wanna Be – Gavin DeGraw
Cowboy Take Me Away – Dixie Chicks
All These Things That I’ve Done – The Killers
Hero – Enrique Iglesias
Good thing the worse one’s voice is the better the Karaoke!!!