Gift Returns

Here is an App that will save newlyweds (like ourselves) a whole lot of time.

Red Laser.


This app allows you to scan the barcode on your gift package and it shows all the stores that carry that certain item. Super helpful!  Especially when receipts aren’t included.   Unfortunately, Walmart doesn’t just take anything and everything back. Use this App and it will save you from running around to over 7 different places all of which won’t take it back.


I like to consider myself an avid Instagrammer.
granted… I am not on the popular page.
However, I think people could up their 
instagram game with a few simple changes.

1. The Picture.

the photograph is THE most important part 
to a successful instagram.
People wanna see something different.
If you are going to an event where lots of 
people who will be IGing make sure to do something unique.
For Example: 
You are going to a dance.
Everyone is going to take a picture smiling with their date
saying: “Best Date”
Don’t get me wrong those are great pictures.
Take bunches of them.
put them on FB, on your bedroom wall.
Leave Instagram for your creative side.


Try taking a picture awkwardly holding hands
or maybe a candid shot.  
My point is to try something else.
Along with your picture being different 
your followers wanna see PEOPLE.
More often than not more likes will go to the photo
with you, friends, or family in it.
For example:
don’t post a cool sunset picture for the thousandth time or what you had for breakfast that morning.

2. The Accents.

After thoughtfully choosing the Perfect IG pic
one must decide if there should be any embellishments.

Bokeh Effect

Quick tip: Instagram on iPhones and Smart phones is only so big. Make the focal point, if there is one, (i.e. a face, building, word) of your picture as large as it can be without cutting out important details.  Nobody wants to have to have their eyeballs a centimeter away from the screen because they can’t see the picture.
If you are wanting to become more of an instaicon
it is necessary to invest in the proper apps.

SaraJane’s Top InstApps


These apps offer a variety of different frames, filters, bokeh effects, text options etc. some even for free.

When choosing a frame if one at all, keep it simple.
The best are always white or black.
Don’t go too crazy.
Only use a frame if it enhances the overall picture.
Bokeh app effects generally decrease the quality of the picture so be wary of that.  If you use bokeh be sure to not let it be overpowering or too bright.

Text can be more annoying rather than helpful. Choose a font that is legible, not something to curly and crazy that no one can read it. If it adds to the interest of the picture go for it.  If it doesn’t, leave it for the caption.

Choose a filter that makes the picture easy to look at.  Something that makes the features of the picture defined and clear.  My favorite filters on After light are:
Idaho – Olive – & ash.
If you decide to use a filter that is already in the app
stay away from Kelvin at all costs.

The best advice I can give you is to keep everything simple.

3. The Caption.

Now after the photo is all ready to go 
what do you say???
Think of the old saying…
“A picture is worth a thousand words.”
couldn’t be more true.
Hashtags are fun and clever but don’t use
so many that you have to scroll several times
to read the entire caption.

4. InstaDOs and InstaDON’Ts.

Connect your social media accounts
connect insta to twitter and FB so 
everyone can be connected with you even
if they don’t have instagram.
Use the Photomap
it’s fun to see who else is where you are
and businesses and places love getting traffic that way.
Use a filter
that’s why there is instagram.
use them and make everyday pictures look great.

no one cares what you had for lunch
save it for snapchat
Use instagram as a mirror
Selfies show that you’re confident
but no need for one everyday
Screen Shot the Weather
People find this creative for some reason… It’s not.  Nothing creative about telling people the temperature.
More than 2 Instas a day
I understand when two great things happen in 
one day. Just be courteous of others timelines.
Repost Giveaways
Nothing more annoying than someone 
posting a fake accounts Supposed giveaway.
Some of my own fave instas.

good luck on the way to InstaFame

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