Can’t believe I had my very first Wedding Shower today!
Andrea Webber, my darling Chi Omega sister, was kind enough
to host the party!
the theme of the party…
“Chris & Janie chose the perfect time to FALL in love”
ahhh so adorable.
Andrea is an avid baker and made all the delicious treats herself.
I wish I was that dedicated.Every time Chris and I opened a present the person who gave the gift asked us a question.  Some of my favorite questions were…
1. What is something that only Chris knows about you?
Answer: Chris helped me discover my love for being a total princess.  In short… he carries me everywhere, upstairs, downstairs, to the car, to my bed.  Guess what. he’s never complained once.  He offers to do so.  Man Prince Charming am I right?
2.  Why can’t you live without each other?
Answer:  Chris and I both agree that we are the perfect people for each other.  I have told Chris things I would never be comfortable sharing with anyone and vice versa.  He is compassionate towards me and their is no one else I could imagine helping me with my weaknesses other than Chris.
3.  What is the thing you’re looking forward to most about being married (besides the obvious)?
Answer:  Being able to wake up to him forever, never having to say goodbye at night, deciding household traditions and running a home, as well as being sealed in the temple and really keeping and cherishing those covenants together. 

Thank you everyone who came!
I love you!
So grateful tonight


Chi O Love Where We Go
So happy i joined the Chi Omega sorority and found sisters that
can stay up all night to laugh with you
make the best memories with
be the first to know when you’re in love
my future bridesmaids
and a sister forever.
Rush was a blast and we got the best new hooties ever!
Welcome Pledge Class Fall 2013
Philanthrophy Day
Chapter Pride Day
Preference Night