summer shorts

High waisted shorts seem to be the biggest trend this summer.  I find there is no reason to spend a whole lot of money for the look your going for.  Yesterday I put my money where my mouth is and put that theory to the test.
Savers is my go to thrift store.
I always get great finds at an awesome deal.DENIM on DENIM
What you will need:
Jeans obviously. High Waisted Jeans should fit right above the hip. You may have to try on several sizes that fit your waist as well as flair away from your legs slightly
 Less than a yard of fabric. I chose a Shirt with a pattern i liked.  Keep in mind the material should be durable.
Some sort of liquid stitch or fabric glue.
My mom keeps it around the house so wasn’t hard to find some.
Begin by tracing the fabric to the desired shape for the shorts. I find it best not to cover the zipper area.  Cut according to the tracing.
Glue on the Jeans not the fabric. Let stand for about an hour to dry. Leave some extra fabric and jean before cutting to be able to roll to the desired length.
Denim shirts are also popular.  I put a bit of extra flare on my savers find.
What you will need:
Collared shirt.
Brads, Buttons, anything that can bedazzle your shirt.
Tacky Glue.  it’s not crafting without this stuff.
Use scissors to poke holes in the desired area of the collar.  place brads in these holes.  Cover the brad clamps with glue to secure them.
you are now a total BABE.
Thanks Ali for modeling for me.
What you will need:
 again… Jeans are what i will be using.
 White chalk or a white pencil, fabric scissors, & rubber bands.
Household Bleach, Rubber Gloves, & a bucket.
Start off by trying the jeans on and assessing where the length should be.  Generally I cut mine about 2 or 3 inches from where the pant’s crotch ends.  Mark with chalk.  Do so at an angle.  The longest part should be in between the legs.
Cut the Jeans on the chalk line.

Soak the jeans in cold water until completely wet.


Tie dying the jeans is totally possible.  However, i chose to just bleach half of the jeans.  Tie rubber bands in desired spots.  For the half dyed look i tied the rubber band towards the bottom of the shorts.
Pour 1/4 to a 1/2 of the bottle of bleach into a bucket filled with water.  Use rubber gloves to avoid irritation on your skin. Although this picture is on grass be sure to do on concrete or somewhere where the bleach won’t ruin anything.  Leave for an hour or two.
Be sure to rinse the jeans thoroughly.  Wash and Dry before Wearing.
Again.  Thanks for modeling Ali.