Downtown Gems

Good things about living downtown #4

Copper OnionIMG_2885Broadway is such a great street!  So many fun and exciting shops and restaurants reside there. The Copper Onion is an American restaurant that serves some classic dishes with a modern twist.

I got the Wagyu Beef Stroganoff.  My mom used to always make beef stroganoff at home and it has become one of my favorites.  The Copper Onion’s take on it was rich and creamy and the beef was tender and full of flavor. (writing this is making my mouth water)


Chris got the House Meatloaf.  Whenever I hear meatloaf I usually run and hide.  It’s not my favorite meal in the world.  However, this meatloaf had the perfect combonation of amazing ranch beef, pork, and lamb.  Needless to say Chris was thrilled!


Be prepared to talk loud! This hip joint is bustling with life and at times it was hard to hear each other and even our server.

We had great service and they even had Gingerale, the best, most underrated soda!