The Wedding Dress

The funnest part of all the wedding planning was easily deciding on the dress.  My mom and I went to try on dresses on several occasions yet, none of them seemed like me.  I wanted my dress to be fun, unique, and sophisticated.  Thankfully, Penelope’s  in SLC is around.  Penny has been making dresses for decades.  She offered me something every other dress store couldn’t… The chance to make a dress that nobody else has.  I totally recommend getting your wedding dress handmade if you can! It makes your experience so personal and fun.  Plus it ended up being about the same as me purchasing a dress from a dress shop.  WIN WIN YO!

The basic ideas Penny and I decided on were:

+long sleeves. With a winter wedding I wanted to be warm and classy.

+waistline.  I wanted my dress to hit me at my skinniest point and make my legs look longer

+train.  I wanted a bit of drama to the dress so Penny added a small train.

+stripes.  I had never seen anyone have a wedding dress with stripes.  Using a pattern on the dress was a bold choice but I thought it showed my personality and spunk.

+Bow.  If you know me at all you know I love bows.  I wore a ribbon in my hair almost everyday growing up.  I had a large bow at the back of my dress.

I was absolutely amazed and excited with how my dress turned out! MANY THANKS TO PENNY!


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