September & Lately


A weekend in midway means a stop at the Timp Freeze.  Gonna miss these Utah Peaches.


Hikes up to Lake Blanche with Sadie and Chris.  Something I recently discovered from this hike… I don’t like the hike up. I’ve never liked hiking.  But… I love running down the hike.  Something about having to pay attention and jump over rocks makes me smile.

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Chris and I decided sandwiches are ridiculously delicious.  So we made September Sandwich month. Lame. Yes.  We ate so so so many sandwiches.

My favorites were…

Even Stevens – Do Gouda & Mihami Vice.  Even Nate the Great loved it.



Robin’s Nest- The Sink & Gouda Smoker. I cannot say enough about Robin’s Nest.  It is always amazing and it is still family owned and ran.


Moochies- Meatball & Philly Cheese Steak. Messy messy sandwich but overall yummy and they have delicious sauces you can put on your sandwiches. Use their fry sauce and Jumpin Jalapeno Sauce.


Chop City Food Truck- Cuban (obviously) & Sweet Chili Chicken. We tried them at the SoHo Food park in Holladay.  They put bacon on EVERYTHING.12107260_10153644596906250_1008700931357195759_n

What is fall without Football.  Chris & I are on opposing sides of the BYU Utah rivalry.  Good thing we both like watching sports otherwise we would be in big trouble.  Plus, he can’t really talk because I think he secretly knows that Utah is better. The Utah Michigan game was awesome.11227857_10153644593001250_8441902859807393342_n 12112189_10153644593086250_2666657429178100041_n

The BYU vs. Boise State game was fun too.  Gotta love a good hail mary and watching Chris happier than I’ve ever seen him.12115856_10153644597016250_8756157695532893332_n12096389_10153644597026250_1398518692790145565_n Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 10.20.08 AM

T Swift concert. Need I say more? I spontaneoulsy bought tickets and told Chris.  For some reason he thought that meant he could buy a scooter since we are a one car family.  Two best decisions we’ve ever made (besides getting married.) Also, Chris sang every word at Taylor.  Proud wife moment.

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 10.20.18 AM


Scooter’s name is Elvis.


Braids everyday.12116014_10153644597011250_7054412667165100981_n

Watching cute cousin Madi go Chi O!!!


Having some fun interviews for our Tinder love.

We got to interview with Jennifer Stagg on Mormon Channel Daily. It was our first time getting to talk about the gospel and its role in our relationship and deciding to marry each other in an interview. Have a listen…


Interviewed for a story on BYU men and Tinder.  Chris went to BYU so we were a perfect match for this story. Our photo even made it to the front of the Utah section.

Took our photo at Chris’ work on Broadway street in Downtown Salt Lake. We didn’t realize how big the photo would be in the paper. 11232713_10153644597121250_4690584356899908116_nLooking homeless as I pick up the paper at Sev.

Literally my reaction after my graduation appointment! I am graduating from the University of Utah this Spring!


My favorite part of September was Women’s Conference.  So many amazing messages. One of my favorites was from Sister Rosemary Wixom and talking about our Divine Nature.  Our purpose is Christ and once we find that out our whole life changes.  Sister Wixom quoted my great aunt Elaine Cannon and I loved the quote so I made this to frame.


Labor Day Homemade Ice Cream

Summer month’s are the best because my dad makes his famous (to me) homemade ice cream!

Today’s Labor Day flavor: CHOCOLATE BANANA (my personal favorite)


The best thing about this recipe is it doesn’t take a lot of measuring.  My dad is a genius and has figured out exactly what you need to buy so that you don’t have to use a lot of measuring cups!  VIOLA! less dishes!

This recipe makes A LOT of ice cream.  Our ice cream maker makes gallon and a half of ice cream.  So modify as you see fit.  


+ 4eggs

+ 2 1/2 cups sugar

+ 1 Quart & 1 Pint Whipping Cream

+ 2 1/2 tbs. Vanilla extract

+ 1/2 tsp. salt

+ 1 can of Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup

+ 3-5 Bananas

+ 1 Quart whole milk

+ Ice Cream Maker – We use the Electric White Mountain Ice Cream Maker (ITS THE BEST!)



Beat the eggs


Add Sugar to the mixture and mix.


Add Vanilla & Salt to the mixture and mix.



SMASH THE BANANAS!!  *hint* I use a pastry blender to mush the bananas


Add smashed bananas to the mixture and mix in.





Add the HERSHEY’S chocolate syrup to the mixture and mix in.




Add the whipping cream to the mixture and mix.



Pour Mixture into Ice Cream Maker container.

STEP 10 

Pour Milk into container with mixture. *hint* I do this last because the whole mixture won’t fit in my kitchen aid.



Pour ice to the halfway mark of the barrel.  Then pour the salt over the ice.

Pour another Layer of Ice and leave about 3 inches from the top.  Pour salt over this layer of ice.


Cover the container with ice and fill the barrel to the top.  Pour ice on top.


*hint* it is important for the ice cream mixture to spin and really mix all the ingredients together well.  Don’t just put the mixture straight from the electric mixer or kitchen aid and freeze it.  It needs to spin!!!!


Remove the dasher after about 30-45 minutes of spinning. If you leave the dasher (spinning part) in the whole time the mixture won’t freeze as well as it should. (my dad always starts singing “Come on Dasher and Dancer and Prancer… etc. when he takes the dasher out)

*hint* use pliers to remove the dasher, it can get heavy and it’s freezing!


STEP 14 (optional)

After the dasher is removed, line the container lid with tin foil.  *hint* this is to prevent the salt from getting into the ice cream.



Layer Ice and Salt as you did in step 10.



Cover the entire thing with all the salt you have left.  Then do the same for Ice.  *hint*  Use the Ice bag to cover the barrel.  This will prevent the ice from freezing and sticking to the insulating blanket.


Cover the entire barrel with an insulating blanket.  This will help keep it as cold as it needs to be.


Let the ice cream sit for 1 1/2 – 3 hours depending on the consistency you want. *hint* the bottom of the container is always the most frozen and my favorite part.





Downtown Gems

good things about downtown #10



Our good friends in our ward, the Nelsons, are moving 😦 Can’t tell you how sad we are!  We are going to miss them so much! So, we obviously had to have one more Sapa night.

 (Family style of course)

It’s a great value and it’s good.  what more can you ask for?


You can find Sapa’s MENU here


NOT PICTURED: the two vegas rolls we scarfed down at the beginning. oops.

My father went to Japan on his LDS mission.  From that i’ve grown a love for Yaki Soba Noodles.  I love them because they have a grilled/crispy texture.  Add chicken to it!! SO GOOD.


Samurai Roll 

salmon, crab, onion, avocado, cucumber


Imperial Roll

crab, tempura shrimp, tuna, masago, onion, avocado






Downtown Gems



Good things about living downtown #7

Eva’s Bakery

We finally went into Eva’s! (not to be confused with Eva’s Bakery)

It’s a scrumptious Small Plates & Drinks Restaurant. Located at 317 s. main street in Downtown Salt Lake. It’s such a fun place to eat because the portions are perfect and you can share everything family stye.  The whole point is to get a lot of different things and let everyone have a few bites of each.  Overall it was a good time.  The service was great and the food delectable.  The only thing I wasn’t crazy, head over heels in love with was the mac n cheese.  The Oink Oink Oink and Tri Tip were my favorites.  Go try it!

Click Here for other Yelp Reviews of Eva’s




They have a gorgeous patio area in the back.  It is between to buildings in an alley way.  It gave this cool urban feel to our meal. Hey that rhymed…


We forgot to take a picture of our first plates before we ate them!!! WE WERE STARVING.

-Slow Roasted Tri-Tip bruschetta-

-French Fries w/ Parmesean and Rosemary-


Second Plates:

-Baked Greek Mac & Cheese-

-Oink Oink Oink– Pork Belly, Pork Loin, and BACON-



had a great time! Thank You Eva’s!!!

Downtown Gems


Good things about living downtown #7

The Oasis Cafe & Golden Braid Books

This place is a total tucked away sanctuary!  A beautiful restaurant that also has a quiet patio.  Oasis Cafe has a great brunch menu, however we made it there for dinner. It’s located at 151 South 500 East.  So convenient to make a reservation using Yelp on your phone.  This place is really popular for lunch so make sure to book ahead!   Relaxation and  meditation isn’t far away with the joint bookstore.  Many of their themed books specialize in mind, body, and soul health.  So fun to look through their selection of books.  #consciousliving


The french bread… the right amount of crunch and fluffiness.  You could tell it was very fresh.


I got the Mediterranean Salad. You can choose from Salmon, Shrimp, Chicken. A great thing about Oasis is it offers healthy vegan options with many of its plates.  You can also get tofu.  It was to die for.  One of their core entrees.  yukon gold potatoes•roasted red onion•olives• tomatoes•feta cheese•hummus•field greens•roasted garlic vinaigrette


Chris and Richard both got the Udon Peanut Stir fry.  It’s flavorful and fresh but if you don’t like peanut flavor I do not recommend this dish.   Filled with: tofu or tempeh•wok seared vegetables•udon noodles spicy peanut sauce•coconut, peanut, and cashew crumble


Sally tried the Grilled Salmon.  The grilled tomatoes were flavorful and perfectly cooked.  Another one of Oasis’ customer faves.  honey/lavender polenta cake•arugula•saba•merlot vinegar extra• virgin olive oil•grilled tomatoIMG_3264

With a dinner that good we had to indulge!  My first time eating Crème Brulèe and it was such a sensation.  Tart raspberries and creamy custard where have you been all this time!!!


IMG_1123 (1)

IMG_3269 large_golden-braid-books

Downtown Gems

Good things about living downtown #6


If you ask me where I would like to go for dessert…  I will say Hires.  You know why?


in the words of Annie Wadsworth “Root Beer Floats are my M.O.”  Is there anything better than a chilled glass mug full of specially made root beer and soft ice cream.  Also what’s a shake without fries?  (fry sauce, fry sauce, fry sauce)  It was so fun to share the Big H with our friends Rachel and Matt who had never had it.

Rachel’s Pick: Chocolate Banana

Matt’s Pick: Strawberry Banana

Chris’ Pick: Oreo Banana

lots of banana.

Another perk of Hires is the fact that you can have a somewhat drive-in experience.  Flash your lights in the parking lot and enjoy window service.

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Downtown Gems

Good things about living downtown #4

Copper OnionIMG_2885Broadway is such a great street!  So many fun and exciting shops and restaurants reside there. The Copper Onion is an American restaurant that serves some classic dishes with a modern twist.

I got the Wagyu Beef Stroganoff.  My mom used to always make beef stroganoff at home and it has become one of my favorites.  The Copper Onion’s take on it was rich and creamy and the beef was tender and full of flavor. (writing this is making my mouth water)


Chris got the House Meatloaf.  Whenever I hear meatloaf I usually run and hide.  It’s not my favorite meal in the world.  However, this meatloaf had the perfect combonation of amazing ranch beef, pork, and lamb.  Needless to say Chris was thrilled!


Be prepared to talk loud! This hip joint is bustling with life and at times it was hard to hear each other and even our server.

We had great service and they even had Gingerale, the best, most underrated soda!

Downtown Gems

Good things about living downtown #3

Local Burger Places


As many of you all know I am a burger connoisseur.  Very few things can make me happier than a burger with bacon, onions, lots of lettuce, and a butter bun with a side of fries (w/ fry sauce, lots of fry sauce.)

Luckily, California Burgers & Deli is only seconds from our apartment.  It’s located at 306 N 300 W SLC, UT.  It has all kinds of sandwiches, shakes, and my personal fave, Onion Rings!!!  They are locally owned and operated and give great service and a fair price.  Try them out y’all!

Downtown Gems


Good things about living downtown #2

Hotel Dining

The Little America is a great way to have a fun old fashioned dining experience for an OK price.  Mostly I just come for the rolls (freakin’ delicious) and the ice cream at the end.  But nevertheless, Chris loves their Southwest style Omelet and pretty much licked his plate clean.  It’s always fun when you’re being served by a server who is in a dainty yellow uniform.  Get some grub there!



tried out another Pinterest recipe…
Spinach Mozzarella Quesadilla
You will need:
1 Flour or Whole Wheat Tortilla
1 Stick of String Cheese
1/2 cup Fresh Spinach
1/4 tsp. Olive Oil
Sea Salt
String the cheese into thin pieces
and place them on half of the tortilla
Place spinach on the same half of the tortilla
Coat pan with oil and turn on heat to medium.
Cook tortilla until cheese is melted
and tortilla is lightly browned.