Downtown Gems

Good things about living downtown #6


If you ask me where I would like to go for dessert…  I will say Hires.  You know why?


in the words of Annie Wadsworth “Root Beer Floats are my M.O.”  Is there anything better than a chilled glass mug full of specially made root beer and soft ice cream.  Also what’s a shake without fries?  (fry sauce, fry sauce, fry sauce)  It was so fun to share the Big H with our friends Rachel and Matt who had never had it.

Rachel’s Pick: Chocolate Banana

Matt’s Pick: Strawberry Banana

Chris’ Pick: Oreo Banana

lots of banana.

Another perk of Hires is the fact that you can have a somewhat drive-in experience.  Flash your lights in the parking lot and enjoy window service.

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