Year One: Lessons Learned

Chris & I just celebrated our ONE year anniversary.  TIME FLIES.  We definitely can’t call ourselves seasoned marriage pros, but we have learned so much in this year. As much as marriage is fun it takes a lot of effort and work.  Here are some of the things i’ve noticed and learned in that year that helped…



In no particular order of importance… Here they are…

1.  Selflessness and service towards your spouse is KEY!

2.  Set realistic dinner goals and try to sit down and eat together.

3.  People fart.  Just give fair warning. (mostly husbands)

4.  Netflix cheating is real, DON’T DO IT.

5.  Not putting the toothpaste cap on or forgetting to put the toilet seat down can be lethal.

6.  Laundry never ends. Come up with a system to get it done in a timely manner. We are just figuring out one that works. (what am I gonna do when we have kids???)

7.  Have a specific place for important things like mail, keys, etc.

8.  Play games everywhere you go together.  (Our favorites are would you rather, heads up, and guess the movie quote.) Play games at home too. (some other favorites include nerts, cards against humanity, and ticket to ride.)

9.  The times you do FHE are worth it. (we’ve done it specifically about four times… whoops. But I was grateful when we did.)

10.  Take every opportunity to hang out with other couples.  Make married friends.

11.  Put the phone down. Just do it.

12.  The best times together are always spontaneous. (Go on a drive, get a red box, or visit a friend)

13.  Visit and hang out with your families.

14.  Plan parties and get togethers.

15.  Share each other’s burdens. (Continually communicate with your spouse with what is troubling you.  Then when they are in need of comfort you listen with genuine intent.

16.  Go on super cheap dates. (Our favorite, a maverick f’real and a round or two of Big Buck Hunter.)

17.  Attend all your church meetings and fulfill church callings. (Cannot stress this one enough.)

18.  Let your spouse have alone time.  (Hardest one for me.  I don’t generally love being alone so it is always hard for me to let Chris have time to himself, for him to think, get work done, and just have space. Yet, it’s necessary for a healthy marriage.)

19.  Read And They Were Not Ashamed: Strengthening Marriage Through Sexual Fulfillment.  (This book helped me leaps and bounds)

20.  Go get late night snacks. (personal fave, using the Wendy’s frosty keychain)

21. Talk kindly about your spouse and to your spouse.

22.  Go to sleep when you’re angry.

23.  Take time to clean your house together, it’s crazy rewarding.

24.  Keep the sabbath day holy,

25. Take the 5 love languages test. (Most helpful thing in someways.  Teaches you how to communicate love in a way your spouse resonates with

26.  Stay up late and laugh.

27.  Scripture study together, read talks etc. (Chris and I like to do the Companionship Inventory each week that is in the Preach My Gospel manual. It helps you as a couple to complete goals and just gives a set time each week that you can always talk about your relationship.)

28.  Read your patriarchal blessing to each other.

29.  Hold hands lots and Cuddle lots too.

30.  Constantly forgive.

31. Go on road trips.

32.  Eat really good food on occasion.

33. Go to the temple. Regularly. (Nothing helps my marriage more than going to the temple.  It reminds you of the blessings your relationship can receive and it helps you recognize and show gratitude for the blessings that have already been given by honoring your marital covenant.

34. Give the benefit of the doubt to your spouse.

35. Always kiss each other goodnight.


5 Days

Chris was in LA for 5 days at Nickelodeon for work.  It is torture when your spouse gets to go somewhere cool WITHOUT YOU.  It brought back the sentimental yet horrible memories of Chris living in Chicago for 5 MONTHS while I was here in Salt Lake.  The hours spent face timing was incalculable and the amount of time we spent together during those months can basically be added up to barely two weeks.  Chris and I haven’t spent too much time apart since we’ve been married…  Which was a much needed break after the long distance dating.  I missed Chris the whole week while I went to school, cleaned, played words with friends, ate chick fil a, watched netflix, played casino with grandma, taught dance, edited. (watched more netflix.) I was super productive hahahaha. FINALLY, Chris came home Friday with Flowers from Jolley’s in hand and said “Can I take you out tonight?” Love that kid.

We got drinks at shivers. YUM. Then Chris decided he really wanted to go bowling.  I agreed and we headed to Olympus Hills Bowling Alley.  The reason we go to Oly hills besides the fact it is a great time is because they have our favorite arcade game: Big Buck Hunter SAFARI.  We arrive at the bowling alley excited to start the night with Big Buck Hunter.  WE LOOK EVERYWHERE.  They got rid of it.  Holding back tears Chris decided we would go to a different bowling alley.  This time we head to Sue & Rich’s.  Guess What? The coolest, most ghetto, cheap bowling alley is CLOSED. CLOOOOOSED for good! *wipes away tear* On to the next alley.  Fat Cats on 900 E. It is always packed on the weekends but the plus side… It has tons of arcade games.  We waited in line to buy a round of bowling and get our shoes for about 15 minutes.  When we got to the front of the line we both looked at each other and Chris said “Do we really wanna bowl?”  Got right out of line and headed to the arcade.  Unfortunately, they didn’t have the Safari version of Big Buck Hunter but the regular one did just fine.  We played a couple of games and headed home.  Quite the date night right?  I love that I can do anything with Chris and still laugh and have a good time.  That’s what your spouse should be for you.  A safe place, someone who can make any situation better.  Chris is that and more for me.

At least we got some good pictures.  Chris had my camera all week in LA and I had been craving it!!!! Here is what we got!








my marcia


I was on my way home from work when I got the feeling I should go visit my grandma Marcia. As I walked in the door she said “I need white envelopes and white toilet paper… Oh and some chocolate.” We then spent the day laughing as we played cards and folded laundry. I touched up her nail polish and rubbed her aching feet. She gave me a five dollar bill for running errands for her that I immediately put back in her purse. She then made me raise my right arm and swear that I had the five dollar bill on my pocket. (I lied and said I did) It’s awesome so serve somebody who has done so much for you. I’m always happy after I visit Grandma Egan. I will be so devastated when the day comes that I won’t be able to.

Take the time out of your day to serve those you love.  You will never regret it.

two turtle doves

Yet another wonderful shower!
My sweetest aunt Annika has five boys!
YES! Five darling blonde boys who are very near my age.
She always has treated me like on of her own as if my sister and I were her daughters.  She’s taught me so many things and I am so grateful for her family!
Not only is she an amazing mother but she has the best style.
Annika has a great eye and can make something beautiful as fast and as easy as one blink of the eye.
I loved all the little Christmas touches for our two turtle doves shower.
 So grateful for the Cook family!!!


Today marks the two month countdown for Christopher & I’s wedding day! Which means we only have two months until we’re the GEORGES!
pure excitement, giddiness, bliss, and love.
We celebrated this wonderful occasion by taking some long exposure pictures.
For long exposure pictures you will need:
-A camera that you can adjust the shutter speed on
-glow sticks or sparklers
*Hint* if you don’t have any glow sticks
on hand use the flashlight app on your phone.  That’s what we used for these pictures.
1. To take the pictures set your shutter speed to at least ten seconds, we used 25-30 seconds for most of these pictures.
2. Make sure your flash is on if you are taking the photos in the dark.  Cover the glow stick while the flash picture is taken.  After the picture is taken proceed to draw anything you wish!  Be sure to keep the glow stick facing the camera.
3.  If you want to spell a word or create spaces in a drawing the  glow stick must be covered.  Keep in mind that spelling backwards can be hard.  Practice writing what you want before you take the picture.
4. If two or more people are in the shot and you want to draw something around them be sure that they stay exactly where they were when the flash picture was taken so that you can create the look and spacing you desire.
Hope that was helpful!
xoxo Jane
Can’t believe I had my very first Wedding Shower today!
Andrea Webber, my darling Chi Omega sister, was kind enough
to host the party!
the theme of the party…
“Chris & Janie chose the perfect time to FALL in love”
ahhh so adorable.
Andrea is an avid baker and made all the delicious treats herself.
I wish I was that dedicated.Every time Chris and I opened a present the person who gave the gift asked us a question.  Some of my favorite questions were…
1. What is something that only Chris knows about you?
Answer: Chris helped me discover my love for being a total princess.  In short… he carries me everywhere, upstairs, downstairs, to the car, to my bed.  Guess what. he’s never complained once.  He offers to do so.  Man Prince Charming am I right?
2.  Why can’t you live without each other?
Answer:  Chris and I both agree that we are the perfect people for each other.  I have told Chris things I would never be comfortable sharing with anyone and vice versa.  He is compassionate towards me and their is no one else I could imagine helping me with my weaknesses other than Chris.
3.  What is the thing you’re looking forward to most about being married (besides the obvious)?
Answer:  Being able to wake up to him forever, never having to say goodbye at night, deciding household traditions and running a home, as well as being sealed in the temple and really keeping and cherishing those covenants together. 

Thank you everyone who came!
I love you!
So grateful tonight

September 27th

If you told me a year ago I was going to be engaged at age nineteen, to a boy from Rigby, Idaho, that I met on Tinder, I would have laughed in your face.  Falling in love with Chris was unexpected but I guess falling in love always is.  To be honest from the first date on I have never been more happy or more motivated to be a better person.  Right off the bat Chris made me feel special and since then I’ve been treated to the standard of nothing less than Princess. Chris is kind hearted, passionate, creative, handsome, and absolutely perfect for me.  All I can say about dating Chris is that he was unlike anyone I have ever dated and as cheesy as it sounds I knew the right one came along.  So happy I am engaged to my best friend and that I get to be the luckiest girl in the world.



my darling boyfriend
Christopher Ryan George
came back in town from Chicago for a quick visit.
when I say quick I mean real quick.
a week.
7 days.
How can i only have seven days when 
i have to say goodbye to him for another 3 months?
i’ll tell you this… it doesn’t get any easier.
However, we spent the week perfectly ❤ 
Bike rides.

midnight ride up sundance


                   color me mine


synchronize diving


               sunset detour before st. G

Double Rainbow!


i’d really be a happy girl if my favorite guy came home.
can’t wait to visit Idaho again.Rigby, Idahonever thought i would fall in love with a small town boy.
Chris grew up in Rigby, Idaho, and I know you probably have never heard of this place.  Aside from the fact that the television was invented in Rigby, I love the town because that is where the Georges live.  A town that only has two stoplights.  Contrary to Chris’ small town upbringing this boy has big town dreams.  So proud of all the hard work he has put into art directing and advertising.  I am so grateful to have this boy in my life.