Nanny Lyfe

Watching kids day after day can become quite boring… Yes, boring, even with 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5 year olds.  I’ve been trying to take the different kids I watch somewhere fun, cheap, and anywhere that isn’t their own house.  This week, a mini hike at ensign peak. (When I say hike it’s really just a walk and a place for the kids to look out and see the city)  Perfect for the outside obsessed youngens who want to let some energy out but don’t want to spend hours walking up hill.  166 Ensign Vista Drive is the start of the trail head.  If you are with a two year old, like I was, don’t worry about making it all the way up to Ensign Peak just go part way up to the amphitheater and other side spots.  Ella & Claire had a blast pointing out the capitol building, temple, and University of Utah.

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