Netflix Finds

Happy Streaming!!

His Girl Fridayhisgirlfridaydvd

Watch as Cary Grant attempts to win back his Ex-Wife before she gets married!

Hotel Rwanda hotel_rwanda_verdvdDuring the Hutu rebellion a brave hotel owner housed Tutsi refugees.  HEART WRENCHING. (Read the book Left To Tell after)

BBC’s Sherlockbbc-sherlock-1600A great rendition of the infamous detective Sherlock Holmes.

The Woman Who Wasn’t There11164313_detA documentary of Tania Head a supposed 9/11 survivor.  Big thriller.  Crazy story

Arrested Development270523-arrested-development-arrested-development-poster

One of my favorite shows ever.  Watch the seasons on your own.  Have a good laugh out loud.  Then begin to quote it with others who love it as much as you do.  (Skip the fourth season)

Wish Upon A Star00gyd3hqa8whaqwdIf only Disney original movies could still be like this.  Sisters switch lives after wishing on a shooting star.

Netflix Finds

Hope this helps you find some diamonds in the rough of Netflix!

How Do They Do It


Helps give you some tid-bits of information that are fun to bring up in everyday conversations. How does a toilet work in space? or How are cowboy hats made?  Fun stuff people!



A classic film. Money, murder, and romance what more could you ask for… Oh yeah,


King’s Speech


If you missed seeing this during the hype not to fret watch it on Netflix.  Worth your time. Based on a true story too.  Bertie is plagued with a stammer of his speech and when his brother abdicates he is left with the throne.  Watch him on his journey to become fit for the monarch.

The Square


Recommended to me by my sister-in-law Sadie, this documentary shows a glimpse of the on going Egyptian Revolution.  Really makes you feel lucky to live in America.  Counting my blessings!

30 for 30: Guru of Go

I can’t pass up an opportunity to share a sports film.  Chills from this man!!! Follow a dream team and their coach as they endure a death of a teammate.

The West Wing
the-west-wing-season-2-cover-poster-artworkSeven whole seasons of political triumph and hardship of President Joseph Bartlet and his executive staff

Say Anything



A total average joe high school kid falls in love with the beautiful, smart, valedictorian.  Only to find disapproval from her father.

Netflix Finds

Netflix is one of the best and worst things that has happened to me. Streaming shows and movies can be awesome but, sometimes it’s hard to search through all the clutter.  Here are some shows I’ve watched this past month!

Ted Talks: Life Hacks


Watch these if you wanna feel somewhat productive on netflix.

Harold and Maude


A cult film that has a great soundtrack.  A film about Love.  Wherever you may find it.


Netflix has both the Kevin Bacon Footloose and the newer one.  Went on a trip with some of my older cool cousins and had never seen this movie.  They talked about it for a full hour so I had to see what the hype was about.  LOVE IT.

Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse


A show for kids yet I didn’t hate watching it while nannying.  It’s actually pretty funny.

30 for 30: The Price of Gold

Any sports film especially 30 for 30 documentaries get my heart racing. The story of the harsh world of women’s figure skating and the fierce rivalry between two competitors.

Life is Beautiful
VitaebellaOne of my all time favorite movies.  The coolest dad helps his family through WWII and the holocaust.  Subtitles will be needed unless you are fluent in Italian.