5 Days

Chris was in LA for 5 days at Nickelodeon for work.  It is torture when your spouse gets to go somewhere cool WITHOUT YOU.  It brought back the sentimental yet horrible memories of Chris living in Chicago for 5 MONTHS while I was here in Salt Lake.  The hours spent face timing was incalculable and the amount of time we spent together during those months can basically be added up to barely two weeks.  Chris and I haven’t spent too much time apart since we’ve been married…  Which was a much needed break after the long distance dating.  I missed Chris the whole week while I went to school, cleaned, played words with friends, ate chick fil a, watched netflix, played casino with grandma, taught dance, edited. (watched more netflix.) I was super productive hahahaha. FINALLY, Chris came home Friday with Flowers from Jolley’s in hand and said “Can I take you out tonight?” Love that kid.

We got drinks at shivers. YUM. Then Chris decided he really wanted to go bowling.  I agreed and we headed to Olympus Hills Bowling Alley.  The reason we go to Oly hills besides the fact it is a great time is because they have our favorite arcade game: Big Buck Hunter SAFARI.  We arrive at the bowling alley excited to start the night with Big Buck Hunter.  WE LOOK EVERYWHERE.  They got rid of it.  Holding back tears Chris decided we would go to a different bowling alley.  This time we head to Sue & Rich’s.  Guess What? The coolest, most ghetto, cheap bowling alley is CLOSED. CLOOOOOSED for good! *wipes away tear* On to the next alley.  Fat Cats on 900 E. It is always packed on the weekends but the plus side… It has tons of arcade games.  We waited in line to buy a round of bowling and get our shoes for about 15 minutes.  When we got to the front of the line we both looked at each other and Chris said “Do we really wanna bowl?”  Got right out of line and headed to the arcade.  Unfortunately, they didn’t have the Safari version of Big Buck Hunter but the regular one did just fine.  We played a couple of games and headed home.  Quite the date night right?  I love that I can do anything with Chris and still laugh and have a good time.  That’s what your spouse should be for you.  A safe place, someone who can make any situation better.  Chris is that and more for me.

At least we got some good pictures.  Chris had my camera all week in LA and I had been craving it!!!! Here is what we got!









Chris was surprised with a party…

ha I was the only person there and that wasn’t because nobody showed up, just because I wanted it to be just us on his special day!

He awoke to balloons, streamers, and party hats!!!

Who knew 27 year olds eat jam covered eggo waffles and gummy worms for breakfast.

My husband sure does.

So happy to have you in my life boog!!!! IMG_9716.jpg IMG_9719_2.jpg unnamed

quench yo thirst y’all

This drink is super simple yet, could not be more refreshing and delicious.  Tried the drink with a few cousins of mine and it  was a total hit.
Cucumber Limeade
what you will need:
1 bag of ice (get the small cubes if you can)
1 cucumber
1 12 oz. can limeade
1 2 liter bottle of Diet Sprite or 7up (HAS TO BE DIET)
Regular Sprite is too sugary and overpowers the cucumber flavor. The cucumber flavor is very subtle and refreshing so vegetable haters shouldn’t be too wary.
Begin by slicing the cucumber into small thin circles.  If you like you may peel the cucumber however, I didn’t find it necessary.  I found it easier to stir the limeade and the Die Sprite in a separate pitcher.  Pour bag of ice into a punch bowl. Layer the sliced cucumbers on top.  Then pour the contents of the pitcher into the punch bowl and let the flavors marinate for a few minutes.  Stir and Serve.