Downtown Gems

good things about downtown #10



Our good friends in our ward, the Nelsons, are moving 😦 Can’t tell you how sad we are!  We are going to miss them so much! So, we obviously had to have one more Sapa night.

 (Family style of course)

It’s a great value and it’s good.  what more can you ask for?


You can find Sapa’s MENU here


NOT PICTURED: the two vegas rolls we scarfed down at the beginning. oops.

My father went to Japan on his LDS mission.  From that i’ve grown a love for Yaki Soba Noodles.  I love them because they have a grilled/crispy texture.  Add chicken to it!! SO GOOD.


Samurai Roll 

salmon, crab, onion, avocado, cucumber


Imperial Roll

crab, tempura shrimp, tuna, masago, onion, avocado







We walk by people everyday that we’ll never see again and don’t even flinch.  I’m not so much worried about that as I am the people we see everyday… but don’t even know.  Like the girl in your ward… the boy in your english class… or your neighbor down the hall.  I’ve noticed that i’ve made a point to avoid those people.  I think it’s because it isn’t worth the hassle or i’m too busy.  SO NOT TRUE.

“So many people are shut up tight inside themselves like boxes, yet they would open up, unfolding quite wonderfully, if only you were interested in them.” -Sylvia Plath

 I’m trying to challenge my self socially and to get to know these people.  It’ll be a stretch for me… but, i’m excited to learn new and amazing things from everyone’s experiences.  WISH ME LUCK!



























Downtown Gems

good things about living downtown #8


600s 307w SLC, UT

It’s a great restaurant because it’s not only filling it is also refreshing.  Normally I don’t opt for BBQ because it is heavy and large portioned.  R & R doesn’t give you that I wish I hadn’t eaten that feeling.  They have 3 delicious homemade BarbeQue sauces that go well on all their entrees.  (I love to put the sweet sauce on my salad 🙂 ) They also have paper towels at each table so you don’t have to keep running back for napkins! People think of everything!









Road Trip | Island Park |


Road Trips… 

a time of fun memories with loved ones OR a time of wanting to bang your head against the dashboard

What makes a good road trip you ask??????

1. Snacks – Don’t overlook the importance of good snacks.  Have balance of sweet and salty and healthy and junk.  LOTS OF WATER.
Roadtrip29.jpg2. Playlist – The music sets the tone for the whole trip.  I made a playlist that is full of sing-a-long classics, alternative crowd pleasers, and occasional pump up jams. Follow me on spotify to get the playlist!


3. A Good Audio Book – I absolutely hate reading in the car.  Headache central.  Listening to a book is a great alternative.  Unbroken is an amazing story and Chris and I have been absolutely captivated by it.  It’s a great book to listen to on a long road trip.
unbroken4. CONVERSATION – Pivotal part of a car ride.  I like to bring the game table topics along.  However, if you do not happen to have the game just look up on your phone some fun talking topics. IMG_0363

5. LAUGHS – Pandora stand up comedy stations are THE BOMB. (yes I just said the bomb) Listen to Jim Gaffigan, Gary Gulman, Brian Regan, John Mulaney… Etc.  Good laughs with everyone the whole trip.

Roadtrip3.jpgNow here are some pictures of the actual Vacation!!!!

The boys on their annual fishing trip. IMG_0383.jpg

Coco bean love this spunky lil one.Roadtrip4.jpg Roadtrip5 Roadtrip6.jpg Roadtrip7target practice

Roadtrip10.jpgI’m a MANRoadtrip9.jpgQueen of the forest

MUD PUDDLES!Roadtrip12.jpg roadtrip13.jpg roadtrip14.jpg

Bill’s Island at Island Park in Idaho is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! The Walkers were so nice to have us at their cabin!Roadtrip18.jpgroadtrip15Roadtrip16.jpgRoadtrip17Roadtrip19Roadtrip20.jpgRoadtrip21.jpgShelb and Cam and the TitanicRoadtrip24.jpgChris was a part of the Playmill cast in 2010.  It was a blast to see where he worked for a summer and how much fun he had.  Playmill was awesome I was so glad to finally see it.  My husband is such a thespian hahahaRoadtrip30We gotta celebrate America with sparklers! The kiddos loved these pics!Roadtrip22.pngRoadtrip23.jpgRoadtrip25.jpgRoadtrip26.jpgRoadtrip27.jpgRoadtrip28.jpgIMG_0750IMG_0737IMG_0734IMG_0727BIG SHOUT OUT TO THE WALKERS!!!!! THANK YOU!

Downtown Gems


Good things about living downtown #7

The Oasis Cafe & Golden Braid Books

This place is a total tucked away sanctuary!  A beautiful restaurant that also has a quiet patio.  Oasis Cafe has a great brunch menu, however we made it there for dinner. It’s located at 151 South 500 East.  So convenient to make a reservation using Yelp on your phone.  This place is really popular for lunch so make sure to book ahead!   Relaxation and  meditation isn’t far away with the joint bookstore.  Many of their themed books specialize in mind, body, and soul health.  So fun to look through their selection of books.  #consciousliving


The french bread… the right amount of crunch and fluffiness.  You could tell it was very fresh.


I got the Mediterranean Salad. You can choose from Salmon, Shrimp, Chicken. A great thing about Oasis is it offers healthy vegan options with many of its plates.  You can also get tofu.  It was to die for.  One of their core entrees.  yukon gold potatoes•roasted red onion•olives• tomatoes•feta cheese•hummus•field greens•roasted garlic vinaigrette


Chris and Richard both got the Udon Peanut Stir fry.  It’s flavorful and fresh but if you don’t like peanut flavor I do not recommend this dish.   Filled with: tofu or tempeh•wok seared vegetables•udon noodles spicy peanut sauce•coconut, peanut, and cashew crumble


Sally tried the Grilled Salmon.  The grilled tomatoes were flavorful and perfectly cooked.  Another one of Oasis’ customer faves.  honey/lavender polenta cake•arugula•saba•merlot vinegar extra• virgin olive oil•grilled tomatoIMG_3264

With a dinner that good we had to indulge!  My first time eating Crème Brulèe and it was such a sensation.  Tart raspberries and creamy custard where have you been all this time!!!


IMG_1123 (1)

IMG_3269 large_golden-braid-books

|Spring Playlist| ft. ERIKA

Big thank you to Erika for helping me with a school project! The pictures were darling and couldn’t help but post them.  There aren’t many more beautiful things than springtime.  So, in addition to these photos here is some music that will feel your heart with happiness and spring fever.

Follow me on Spotify: SaraJane George

ERIKA12 copy1. Small Town Moon – Regina Spektor

ERIKA2. Metaphors – San Cisco ERIKA23. I Am Young – Coconut RecordsERIKA54. Sky High – Ben Folds FiveERIKA75. Come and Get It – Jayme Dee (Selena Gomez Cover)ERIKA16. I’m A Cuckoo – Belle and SebastianERIKA3.jpg7. This Could All Be Yours Someday – Guster

ERIKA68. Happily – One Direction


9. Blow Away – A Fine FrenzyERIKA4

10. Kick Push – Lupe Fiasco  ERIKA10

11. If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out – Cat Stevens ERIKA8

12. Drove Me Wild – Tegan & Sara ERIKA11

Cheers! It’s Springtime!

Utah weather is absolutely psychotic.  I can leave my house in snowy freezing slush only to be at the park a few hours later lying in the grass listening to the birds chirping.  After a few days of rain and snow spring was definitely in the air today!  Happy Spring peeps, go get some sunshine, feel the grass between your toes, and smile because Spring is here to stay.  (Hopefully, I can’t predict the weather… probably will be cold sometimes… that’s Utah.)

This day called for a sunset walk in the avenues of Salt Lake City.

As usual the Utah Sunset was on point.

Doesn’t my husband make such a cute dog????
IMG_3106.jpg copy.jpg

Shout Out to the iPhone for our blurry pics & Christopher the Alien.

400 North

Hand Holding and Dowtown StrollingIMG_3108.jpg


Spring and bright colors go hand in hand. Though Chris doesn’t especially love my combo of Orange and Pink

Flowers are HERE!  Had to refrain from picking the neighbors fresh blooms


Always doodling… pen, crayons, dandelions, etc.


C + J = ❤

General Conference

   This year’s General Conference I kept diligent notes in my little Sunday journal (mostly filled with doodles… at least it keeps me awake.)  Today I went back and chose some of the most memorable quotes and created these with my own photographs.

Elder Holland taught me that to become more Christlike we must not be stagnant and content.  God does not intend for this life to be easy, he rocks our boat, we must use those times to become humble.  Make daily scripture study and prayer a PRIORITY.  Holland reminded us of the power the Book of Mormon has.  We must use it.  When we are becoming more Christlike, love will just pour out of us and like Holland said, that love can change the World!


Elder Nelson reminded the saints that the Gospel should be a part of every aspect of our lives.  In decisions we make ask God first, he can give us truth and inspiration that no one else can.  Keeping the commandments brings blessings every time. The Gospel will help you be TRUE to yourself.  He wisely said, “We must have COURAGE, not compromise.”  So don’t let your private and public life be different… Show your Faith!


Elder Aidukaitis of the Seventy taught that “by their fruits ye shall know them.”  Joseph Smith followed the teaching of James 1:5-6.  He then prayed asking in faith to Heavenly Father.  Because of this the Church and Gospel have been restored on the Earth.  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is a church of Doers.  The church and it’s members serves so many people.  We must serve our fellow neighbors, amplify our callings, and keep peace in our homes.  Doing the little things is important because having a testimony takes hard work.


Elder Packer taught that their are some spiritual things that cannot be taught but can be learned.  We can come to know of things through the power of the Holy Ghost.  The church is centered around Christ.  It is through Christ that we are saved.  Elder Packer reminded us that Satan is very real.  That is why we must choose whether we follow Christ or Satan.  We cannot serve both.

5b21b-img_5685 copy

Sister Stevens gave some insightful knowledge that this Gospel is not a checklist.  We must let the Gospel live in our souls.  God has a plan for each one of us so trust in him.  She even quoted my Egan family’s theme: Isaiah 41:10 “Fear thou not; for I am with thee, be not dismayed; for I am thy God, I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.” When we live the Gospel whole-heartedly it won’t feel like a burden, it will carry us to places we never imagined.


Elder Walker of the Seventy told of church history and amazing stories of faith.  We too can be brave Mormons and make our mark in history.  Elder Walker quoted Article of Faith #3 “We believe that through the Atonement of Christ, all mankind may be saved, by obedience to the laws and ordinances of the Gospel.”  If we keep God’s commandments and live true to our faith we can pave the way for future generations of righteous saints. 


I could have made used many other quotes from General Conference.  There were so many inspired talks and I am lucky to be apart of this Church. I would love to know your favorite quotes from conference, let me know! xoxo