Did you get lost in Amsterdam?

On the way to India I arranged to fly with a fellow HELP volunteer.  Unfortunately, a week before we were supposed to leave she found out that her Indian visa would not arrive in time.  So there I was… about to fly to Amsterdam and spend two days there all by myself.  I tried to find a different flight and tried to come up with another way to get to India.  Nothing.  Luckily, I have THE most generous parents in the world who thought it might be fun to have my sister-in-law, Asia, come to Amsterdam with me for only basically a day and a half.  Needless to say she jumped at the opportunity and we had a blast.

We stayed in an adorable Airbnb in the perfect location and our host was awesome.  Asia and I wanted to avoid the famous red light district which we did. Kind of.  On the way to the cutest little brunch spot we took a short cut and found ourselves cutting through the red light district at 10 am.  Still closed my eyes the majority of the way.

Here is one of my favorite songs for you to jam to before scrolling through the photos… Amsterdam

A for Asia.Amsterdam-6

or… Asia in Europe

Amsterdam-11Amsterdam-16 Amsterdam-17Amsterdam-19 Amsterdam-20 Amsterdam-21Amsterdam-25 Legit laughing… How did I get here?Amsterdam-27 Amsterdam-28 Not sure what the statue is behind us but we tried to copy it.Amsterdam-29 Amsterdam-30 Just a couple of dutch bunnies exploring Amsterdam.Amsterdam-31

All about a good stroopwafel.Amsterdam-32Amsterdam-34Van Gogh musuem. Van Gogh is my mom’s absolute favorite artist and it was really cool to see all the paintings I have grown up loving.
Amsterdam-36Amsterdam-38Amsterdam-40 Amsterdam-42 Amsterdam-44 Dutch braids for Deutschland 
Vondel Park was Vonderful.  It was pretty fun to see hundreds of people enjoying a baguette and some wine for lunch in the park.  Not only that but watching tons of people smoking weed together in public.  Had never seen that before.Amsterdam-48Amsterdam-53Amsterdam-55 Amsterdam-56Amsterdam-58 Amsterdam-59 Amsterdam-60Amsterdam-62Amsterdam-67Amsterdam-69 Amsterdam-72 The waiters at every restaurant were so surprised to find out that Asia and I weren’t dutch. Maybe we didn’t look like tourists. SUCH GOOD FOOD.Amsterdam-73 Amsterdam-74 Amsterdam-75 Amsterdam-77
Amsterdam-79 Loling that Abercrombie and Fitch was bumpin in Amsterdam.Amsterdam-80

Summer Afternoon

“Summer afternoon, summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.” – Henry James

I love how this time of year can rejuvenate and filll your whole soul with an effervescent feeling.  There were gray clouds in the blue sky and a sprinkle of rain.  In my mind, the perfect summer day.  Trying to soak in all the happiness I feel from summer for the fast approaching school year… Oh ya that starts on monday.  (YIKES!)  So grateful I’ve had an amazing summer.  Model Cred: Brooke Waltman & Amy Cox


IMG_4812 IMG_5146


















Behind the scenes… LOL.





Spring and Summer Favorites



I am not a fashion blogger nor claim to be but these things are gonna be in my beach tote all season long.

1. Jelly Shoes – I already have three pairs of them.  JuJu Footwear and Soda Shoes has some cheap cute pairs!

2.  Floppy Sunhat – This red one I found at my grandma’s!

3. Cat Eye Sunglasses – Picked these stunnas up at Hot Topic.  Check at Proof Eyewear too!

4. Hand Made Earrings – Local farmer’s markets and boutiques like Katie Waltman Jewelry should do the trick!

5. Candy – SweeTarts, War Heads, and Blow Pops.  YUM.

6. SCRUNCHIES – talk about throwing it back to the 90s.  These things save my life on occasion. asos.com

7. Bright Lip Crayons – Easy to apply and a eye catcher… BOOYA.

8. Clever Graphic Shirt – Cats, block letter words, etc. Amazon.com

9. Tumbler – Drinking lots of water is much easier when it is with a straw in a cute cup. Walgreens.

10. One Piece – One pieces make being active this summer easier.  Geometric patterns = extra plus!


(Have A Great Spring/Summer

kiss me hard before you go
summertime sadness
i just wanted you to know
That, baby, you’re the best
ever felt the rush of summertime coming to an end?
literally the worst feeling in the world!
Katie and I decided to ride our summer beach cruisers around Holladay as far as our wheels could take us.  Riding a bike with your hair down that day felt like summer was never going to come to a close.  Nonetheless i had to make the pictures we took rather melancholy because summer is almost over.
so, so long sweet summer…


Yin and Yang

Summer is the best when it doesn’t matter what you’re doing… just who you are with.  Getting a soda from shivers and talking about boys.  Maybe a night in the backyard swinging on the hammock.  Sitting in the middle of your street screaming and singing at the top of your lungs.
This was one of those nights.
Love you KP.