Chi O Love Where We Go
So happy i joined the Chi Omega sorority and found sisters that
can stay up all night to laugh with you
make the best memories with
be the first to know when you’re in love
my future bridesmaids
and a sister forever.
Rush was a blast and we got the best new hooties ever!
Welcome Pledge Class Fall 2013
Philanthrophy Day
Chapter Pride Day
Preference Night

what freshman should know

a list of four things that will make
your freshman year a success.
1. The Fortune Favors the Bold
Remember in high school how everyday felt like a marathon to fit in and be like everybody else?  The best part about college is the fact that you get to do your own thing.  College is for YOU. I always was worried in high school about what I wore to school and that if I tried to do something different people would be judgmental. In College I wear exactly what I want and I stand out.  So be yourself.  Be daring in your style, comments, and actions.
Be Bold.
2. Friendship Never Ends
As your friends from high school split and go their separate ways the friends you make in college will last a lifetime.  I highly recommend getting as involved as you can.  I am currently a Chi Omega in the Xi Alpha Chapter at the University of Utah.  Best decision I have made during college.  The friends I have made through it have lead my to amazing experiences.  Actually talk to your classmates, they could become your best friend and it’s never bad to have a homework buddy.
Make Friends.
3. School is NOT for Fools
The education is the most important part about going to school.  GO TO CLASS.  Skipping school was the biggest mistake I made my freshman year.  Classes are hard and you can’t afford to miss.
I try to think about how much tuition i’m paying and if it is worth it to miss class.  Sit in the front and PAY ATTENTION.  Put your phone away and listen to what the teacher is saying.  Use all of the school’s resources.  Go to the Library, use the Teacher’s office hours, and go to the TA’s reviews.
Pay Attention.
4. Don’t be a Couch Potato
Hopefully, the College you go to will hold many events.  Mine sure does.  GO TO THEM!  I spent so many nights doing nothing and sitting around.  You will never know if the party or event is boring unless you go.  Now when you go do not be a party pooper. Have a good attitude and make it fun.  The best nights I had in College were spent at events thrown by the school.  Get involved and be on committees.  Plan things and meet people!
Get Wild.