The Wedding Dress

The funnest part of all the wedding planning was easily deciding on the dress.  My mom and I went to try on dresses on several occasions yet, none of them seemed like me.  I wanted my dress to be fun, unique, and sophisticated.  Thankfully, Penelope’s  in SLC is around.  Penny has been making dresses for decades.  She offered me something every other dress store couldn’t… The chance to make a dress that nobody else has.  I totally recommend getting your wedding dress handmade if you can! It makes your experience so personal and fun.  Plus it ended up being about the same as me purchasing a dress from a dress shop.  WIN WIN YO!

The basic ideas Penny and I decided on were:

+long sleeves. With a winter wedding I wanted to be warm and classy.

+waistline.  I wanted my dress to hit me at my skinniest point and make my legs look longer

+train.  I wanted a bit of drama to the dress so Penny added a small train.

+stripes.  I had never seen anyone have a wedding dress with stripes.  Using a pattern on the dress was a bold choice but I thought it showed my personality and spunk.

+Bow.  If you know me at all you know I love bows.  I wore a ribbon in my hair almost everyday growing up.  I had a large bow at the back of my dress.

I was absolutely amazed and excited with how my dress turned out! MANY THANKS TO PENNY!


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A to Z

One of the best things about being married to Chris is the fact that he is a CREATIVE GENIUS. Before meeting Chris I thought I knew how to go about creative processes.  That couldn’t be further from the truth.  Chris has shown me how to collect and organize my thoughts and look at the world in a whole new way.  When growing up I imagined my husband as this total jock who would leave me be.  Never did I ever think I would marry a man who can not only play sports like a champ but can work photoshop and a camera like a complete pro.  I love being married to a videographer/art director/designer/conceptor.  It’s led us to so many fun collective creative efforts like our wedding, kickstarter videos, and even our home.

Our Latest Collaboration: A to Z

My brother recently married a darling girl from Boston Massachusetts.  They differ in so many ways that it’s kind of crazy how they go together so well.  My mom had the wonderful idea for the wedding dinner to base it off the theme of their initials and how wide of a spectrum they have.

Asia (A) & Zeke (Z).

Chris and I had a blast coming up with props, voice over lines, and locations.  In a way I act as Chris’ producer/prop manager/co-creative director.  This has brought us together in such a fun way.  Hope you enjoy the video we created! Look up more of his videos at Chris George Films

We also helped my cousin with this video for her wedding! ENJOY!

“Swipe Right” leads to “I Do”

Being a tinder success story has led Chris and I to some really fun experiences.

elle-tinder-marriages-chris-janie-iiCpmd-vElle Magazine just recently posted an article about the new tinder trend. The site is not just for hook ups but for finding the love of your life.  We were one of the ten couples interviewed. Check out the article by Jo Piazza!

Gift Returns

Here is an App that will save newlyweds (like ourselves) a whole lot of time.

Red Laser.


This app allows you to scan the barcode on your gift package and it shows all the stores that carry that certain item. Super helpful!  Especially when receipts aren’t included.   Unfortunately, Walmart doesn’t just take anything and everything back. Use this App and it will save you from running around to over 7 different places all of which won’t take it back.


North Shore

Our honeymoon was pretty close to perfect.  We stayed in a treehouse/shack sort of thing in North Shore, Hawaii.  The place was equipped with bikes, surf boards (hope you’re all thinking of Beyonce now), long boards, a small little kitchen, and darling dogs who roam the grounds.  The gentleman who owns all the shacks is the chillest surfer bro, not even exaggerating.  Such a cool set up that I would recommend to anyone!


We loved walking and riding our bikes to all the local beaches.  Our treehouse was 5 minutes walking distance to Sunset Beach.  Watching surfers at pipeline was amazing.  Ted’s bakery and that scrumptious chocolate pie.  Kahuku Grill had delicious burgers!  So many local shrimp and food trucks.  Jumping off Laie Point was a blast and perfect for the amount of thrill I was seeking. We loved shark’s cove grill that had a great view of ha shark’s cove.

IMG_2571 IMG_2582 IMG_2589  IMG_2592

IMG_2594 IMG_2595 IMG_2596  IMG_2598IMG_2622 IMG_2634 IMG_2639IMG_2655

the Royal wedding

The Holladay 25th Ward is my HOME.
H25 pride has always gone through my veins.
I am so grateful for all my primary, young women, and relief society teachers and leaders.  All of you have taught me so many amazing things from homemaking and money management to forgiveness and christlike love.  This shower showed me how loved I am by my sweet ward and neighborhood friends.  I adore, admire, and appreciate every single one of you!
Thank you to all who helped with my
Royal Wedding
The group was outfitted with large English hats as if we were at a tea party or the races.
Our faces are superimposed onto the Royal Family wedding photo! I died!
No we are NOT pregnant! Just a clever joke!
However, the Royal couple wore a Tiara and Crown!
Teacups were used for our soup! so cute.
 I even received these cute mugs that say “Hooray for George”  Even though they are for the royal Prince George I can’t wait to use them! I am so excited to become a George!
Thank you for making me feel like a princess tonight!


Y do I love U

Chris George and his ENTIRE family bleed Cougar Blue.
I mean REALLY Blue.  Both his parents and all his siblings went to BYU, his Sister, Tiffany, was a cheerleader there as well as her husband Dave, and his sister, Sadie, is currently a Cougarette.  Talk about a Y fan family.
And I’m there on my lonesome in Crimson Red just like “Go Utes.”
I’m learning to make it work.  I will always be a Utah Ute.  However, I learn to love my darling little Cougars.
So much gratitude for my sweet family friends.  So humbled to be surrounded by the most amazing and sweet people.
Day Count: 18
Foam fingers! WITH RINGS!
 THE yummiest thing one can ever eat.
The traditional “go to the country” song
 The most precious song.  Thank you Liz for all your love.

two turtle doves

Yet another wonderful shower!
My sweetest aunt Annika has five boys!
YES! Five darling blonde boys who are very near my age.
She always has treated me like on of her own as if my sister and I were her daughters.  She’s taught me so many things and I am so grateful for her family!
Not only is she an amazing mother but she has the best style.
Annika has a great eye and can make something beautiful as fast and as easy as one blink of the eye.
I loved all the little Christmas touches for our two turtle doves shower.
 So grateful for the Cook family!!!


Today marks the two month countdown for Christopher & I’s wedding day! Which means we only have two months until we’re the GEORGES!
pure excitement, giddiness, bliss, and love.
We celebrated this wonderful occasion by taking some long exposure pictures.
For long exposure pictures you will need:
-A camera that you can adjust the shutter speed on
-glow sticks or sparklers
*Hint* if you don’t have any glow sticks
on hand use the flashlight app on your phone.  That’s what we used for these pictures.
1. To take the pictures set your shutter speed to at least ten seconds, we used 25-30 seconds for most of these pictures.
2. Make sure your flash is on if you are taking the photos in the dark.  Cover the glow stick while the flash picture is taken.  After the picture is taken proceed to draw anything you wish!  Be sure to keep the glow stick facing the camera.
3.  If you want to spell a word or create spaces in a drawing the  glow stick must be covered.  Keep in mind that spelling backwards can be hard.  Practice writing what you want before you take the picture.
4. If two or more people are in the shot and you want to draw something around them be sure that they stay exactly where they were when the flash picture was taken so that you can create the look and spacing you desire.
Hope that was helpful!
xoxo Jane
Can’t believe I had my very first Wedding Shower today!
Andrea Webber, my darling Chi Omega sister, was kind enough
to host the party!
the theme of the party…
“Chris & Janie chose the perfect time to FALL in love”
ahhh so adorable.
Andrea is an avid baker and made all the delicious treats herself.
I wish I was that dedicated.Every time Chris and I opened a present the person who gave the gift asked us a question.  Some of my favorite questions were…
1. What is something that only Chris knows about you?
Answer: Chris helped me discover my love for being a total princess.  In short… he carries me everywhere, upstairs, downstairs, to the car, to my bed.  Guess what. he’s never complained once.  He offers to do so.  Man Prince Charming am I right?
2.  Why can’t you live without each other?
Answer:  Chris and I both agree that we are the perfect people for each other.  I have told Chris things I would never be comfortable sharing with anyone and vice versa.  He is compassionate towards me and their is no one else I could imagine helping me with my weaknesses other than Chris.
3.  What is the thing you’re looking forward to most about being married (besides the obvious)?
Answer:  Being able to wake up to him forever, never having to say goodbye at night, deciding household traditions and running a home, as well as being sealed in the temple and really keeping and cherishing those covenants together. 

Thank you everyone who came!
I love you!
So grateful tonight