Our Wedding

January 17, 2014

Getting married was the happiest day of my life! Unfortunately, in the mix of everything the day can also be a blur.  Thankfully, Tessa Barton was there so we could have our memories forever. The day was sunny but I could feel the cold biting my nose.  I didn’t want to let go of Chris’ hand, we were now married and I got to experience everything with him.  Being the first in my family of 5 children to get married was exciting, frightening, and surprising all at the same time.  I couldn’t have done this without everyone’s help.  Our wedding was so personal. My dress was handmade, my flowers were done by my Aunt, my pictures taken by my neighbor and friend, my Aunt was in charge of the food, Chris made the signs, and My mom, her friends, and our family pulled this wedding together. Going through these pictures made me realize how much love families give.  I am writing this with tears in my eyes, in awe of how much everyone of you have done for Chris and I.  Thank you for wanting to be apart of our lives and our wedding day, thank you for your support and love!!! Our day was perfect to ME to say the least. Special thank you to President Cecil O. Samuelson for sealing us for eternity!  

Kelsie Moore Thank you for the video!


I joined a family where I got 10 new nieces and nephews!  To: Ruby (crying child) Eventually you will love me and we will be best friends!  Being an Aunt is the best gig!j21The temple.  What can I say?  Couldn’t have imagined getting married anywhere else.  The peace I felt was unprecedented for me.  I am so grateful we could be sealed to each other and our families.j22j23Egans and Cooks. Thank you for dealing with me as a child and still today.  Each one of you helped me get to this point in my life.  SO SO SO proud of being apart of these families.  It meant so much to me to have you at my wedding.  Thank you for all the love.

j25Grandma Egan.  You are my muse, my role model, my everything.  Thank you for helping me to decide to marry my sweet Christopher. I love you.

j26I will miss being an Egan.j29Sibs.  Liz: You have been my best friend since Day 1, thanks for letting me go.  Not sure if I will be able to let you go when the day comes.  Zeker: you were my friend when I needed it most, thank you for including me and letting me tag along everywhere. ACE: You’ve been my coach and my biggest cheerleader.  Thank you for occasionally laughing at my jokes.  James:  you’re the person I can talk to about about anything.  The advice and comfort you’ve given me has not gone unnoticed.

I LOVE YOU NUBS. j31j32Mom and Dad.

Thank you for making my wedding day a reality.  I know it may feel like I am flying from the nest without being ready but you’ve taught me so much and I have the best examples to follow in you.  I love you!!!!j35j38Sal and Richard! The Georges!  Thank you for raising Chris so well!  You have let me come into your family and welcomed me with open arms.  I love you all and so excited to carry your name. j40j41j42Both Chris and I share a special relationship with our younger sisters.  Sadie, you are Chris’ best friend and You have helped him find himself and become who he wants to be.  THANK YOU!!!j43j52To my bridesmaids,  Thank you for the days of help and stress!  You really made January 17th above and beyond. j47 j57j58j61j62j63j71j73Thank You Kim Richards for doing my hair so beautifully and Catherine Johnsen for my make up! You both made me feel so pretty on my wedding day!j76This is the Place Heritage Park: Gardner Place was such a great fit for the reception I wanted.  Thank you Annika, Tanner, and Winn for putting the trellis together!j122j127It only took about 15 different shipments of dresses to find the right one.  I wanted white flowers for my bridesmaids and ended up choosing one of my favorite flowers… White Carnations.  I must get the love for them from my darling Grandma and Chi Omega.  I thought they turned out great.j84j86j89j92j94j96j99Groomsmen outfits were even more difficult for the bridesmaids.  Searching through 4 different H&Ms to find eight of the same pants in the right sizes was a wild ride.  Glad we got it right.  The men look GOOOOOOD.j101j103j105Brothers,  BEAT YOU TO THE PUNCH. I think we all saw that coming actually.j107j108j114j116Thank you Aunt Dotty for all the flower arrangments! You made my day easier and gave such a special touch.j119j121  All of the signs Chris designed and made himself.  They really helped him feel apart of the wedding planning (somewhat) and gave a personal feel to our reception.  This one described our reception to a T!  Eat Lots, Dance Hard, and Stay a while! My Mother made tons of pillows for the reception, my favorites are the G and the pillow with our wedding date!j81The G was our motif throughout the whole wedding.  It was on our invitation, signs, and even our cake.j82j154j155j202My Mother hand made these balls and wreaths! Took her countless hours.j211My dress was handmade by Penny of Penelope’s.  She made my vision come to life! Thank you for capturing my personality into a dress!!!j157j79j158j160j151j130j182j138Candy is my Family’s M.O.  Absolutely had to have it at my reception.  All of the Ribbon used was from my mom’s collection.  We are ribbon junkies.j140j142j141j147j167j163j166 j168The Flower Girl dresses were made by my Mother’s good friend Kimbo!!! They fit each girl like a glove! Thank You!!j175j179j184j185Cake de Fleur made the perfect cake.  I wanted red velvet to match the whole red, white, and blue theme.j187j188j190My mother and grandmothers taught me that China is something you will love to have and use.  Wanted to keep the tradition strong!j191j197Let’s talk food real quick.  I have never loved wedding food.  I stuck more to the dessert table…  I knew I wanted my guests to stay as long as they liked and the answer to that was food.  Luckily, my Aunt Heather and my father’s friend, Robert Beardshall headed up the food.  Ask anyone who came, it was amazing! THANK YOU SO MUCH HEATHER & BEARDSHALLS!j203j198j199j200j201My Favorite Dessert: Berries & Cream

Heather made my favorite dessert with PERFECTION.j208

j205j206  j209j207j210j269j272j270j275j277j235Thank you Cook and Garriott boys for taking coats, opening doors, and taking gifts!j229j239The Guest book was complete with polaroid photos taken by my Bridesmaids and his Groomsmen.

j227j236j248Thank you Annika Cook, Liz Cook, Liz Richards, Karrie Cook, Dotty Ralphs, Heather Hyde, Barbra Jo Barth, Andi Wagstaff, Jen and Dan Garriott, Sally and Richard George, Winn Egan, Tanner Cook, Melissa Layton, Mary Ann and Ryan Fuhriman, Kathi Cook, Ali Egan, Lizzie Egan, James Egan, Ezekiel Egan, Adam Egan, Beardshalls, Allison Kilbourne, Mom and Dad, and everyone else who helped for putting your special touches on everything and for making my reception gorgeous.j246j366j265j264j238j228 j221  To ALL my Chi Omega sisters: Thank you for teaching me how to love and care about people.  Thank you for accepting me and making me feel special.  Thank you for helping me be womanly always and discouraged never. Thank you for coming and supporting me at my wedding. I love you and miss you.j278j279j284My Dad used to wake Lizzie and I up on Saturday mornings and dance with us to Frank Sinatra.  I chose Fly Me To The Moon for my father daughter dance.j298j294Thank you James for playing our first dance song so beautifully! It made it so special!

This Years Lovej304j319j314j306DANCING

The most important thing and what I wanted most at my wedding reception.  Our band, The Dance Doctors, KILLED IT.  Thank you to my guests for sharing my passion of a goooooooood dance partay.

j244j219j325j331j223j335j340j336j357j346j359j361j364j368THE BOUQUET TOSS… Atta girl LOGAN!

j370j372VICTORY!!!j374j379Two days before my wedding I realized I didn’t have a garter.  I thought oh no big deal we don’t need to do the garter toss… Chris was adamant that we did.  My darling aunt Liz Richards made a garter out of part of my moms lace from her wedding dress!  (Special, Right?!)  Then I forgot it at the reception!!! Graciously, Casey Taylor and Brooke LeBaron (soon to be Mrs. Taylor) went to my house and got it for me!  THANK YOU! Congrats Dan Jones on the garter catch!j391j394THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR THE WEDDING OF A LIFETIME!  IT WAS PURE BLISS!